Brandon #

Boy, Age: 8
Primary Diagnosis: Epilepsy/ seizure disorder
Children’s hemiplegia, right-sided.Epilepsy. Convergent strabismus. Hypermetropia
Listed: Apr 2022
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Brandon  walks, runs and climbs. His right side has some weakness, but he is able to use his right leg and right arm/hand. He does favor his left arm/hand and completes more activities using his left hand. However, he can use his right hand and has recently started completing activities with the right hand as well. Brandon speaks in sentences. He asks questions and cal also answer questions appropriately and follow verbal directions. He knows his colors and body parts. He’s currently working on learning to tell time. He is able to play and draw independently. He enjoys playing with cars/trucks and robots. He enjoys playing on the playground with other children. He can independently climb/play on the play structures. He is receiving academic instruction and therapy to help with deficits. He continues to make progress both physically and developmentally.