Axel #

Boy, Age: 10
Primary Diagnosis: Autism
Autism, mental delays
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Axel has been assessed to have atypical autism against the background of a mild degree initial mental disability. Satisfactory general state of health. Ali understands and follows simple instructions. He imitates speech. He communicates non-verbally by pointing at things. He enjoys in his own way activities such as making things from playdough or clay. He does not get involved in the play and activities of the children in the group. Ali seeks contact with adults and peers in his own way by slapping or by caressing their heads. His play doesn’t match his age. Ali shows no interest in toys or blocks. He prefers to look at pictures and to watch educational videogames with animals. He prefers to do something alone. He likes being alone and does not seek attention. In the 2021/2022 school year Axel studied in the first grade at the elementary school in the town. He has a resource teacher as additional support. He studies under an individual plan for his education. His self-service skills are partially formed. He can eat on his own and prefers to eat with his hands. He needs support and care.