On their second date, Josh and Charity discussed their desire to adopt children in need for the first time. Both of them grew up around children who were adopted. Charity loved the children in her church who had Down Syndrome, and Josh was privileged to watch his Youth Pastor and his wife go through the process of adopting two children from Taiwan.

Three years after they got married, in 2021, the Smith’s began to pursue adoption from Bulgaria through Lifeline Children’s Services. When they found out that there was a Down Syndrome specific track in Bulgaria, they were elated and eager to adopt a child with Down Syndrome. Now, after 2+ years, Josh and Charity are thrilled to be at the tail end of the adoption process.

In February, 2023, Josh and Charity flew out to Bulgaria to meet their son, Matthew. Now, they await the call to fly out again to bring their boy home!


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