Duncan and Kristen Wingard married in 2015 after graduating college and knew that adoption would be in their future. After having their two boys in 2019 and 2021, in November 2022 they decided to start the international adoption process to give a well deserving child a loving and caring home.

As you know, international adoption is a very extensive and expensive process. The Wingard’s started financially saving over a year ago with the plan that they would be able to fully fund this adoption themselves. With the extensive process international adoption is, the Wingard family also anticipated that they would be waiting years to be matched, but God had other plans.

They are thrilled to share that on May 19 they were matched with the sweetest little girl, “S”. “S” is 2. 5 years old with an infectious smile and a list of special needs.

While the Wingard family takes great pride in knowing that they have been chosen to be “S” family, they now find themselves without the time to save like they originally planned.

The Wingard family is eternally grateful for your generosity and financial support to bring “S” home. If you are not in a situation to support financially, they ask and appreciate your prayers for “S” and her future.

7/31/2023 — TRAVELING in AUGUST

$438.15 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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