Nine years ago, God gave the Busler family a vision that included adoption and special needs. That vision, and God’s continued help and guidance, have taken the family on an emotional, spiritual, and geographical journey to Armenia to ultimately adopt two children (Mikko and Serob) and to begin the process of adopting a third child, this time from the Republic of Georgia.

While in the process of adopting Mikko, their first adopted son, in December 2017, Valerie and Forrest Busler noticed a little sprite of a guy (Serob) at Mikko’s orphanage who seemed to have a big heart. God kept Serob in the Buslers’ hearts, and when they felt that Mikko was stably integrated into the family, the Buslers initiated the adoption process for Serob.

After months of work and waiting, the COVID pandemic put a halt to Armenia’s processing of adoptions, and the Buslers were unsure if they would ever get to bring Serob home. In face of that uncertainty, the Buslers kept their hearts open, trying to discern if God wanted them to adopt from a different country.

During that time, through Reece’s Rainbow, the Buslers found out about little “Nelly” in Georgia (the country, not the US state). A few months later, though, Armenia started processing adoptions again, and ultimately the Buslers were able to bring Serob home in October 2021.

They never forgot about “Nelly”, though, and now they are hopefully only a few weeks away from traveling to Tbilisi, Georgia, to complete her adoption and bring her home to two brothers and two parents who will love her and treasure her.


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