EASTYN for the Mitchell family — TN

When Gary and Carrie got married in 2003, they would have never dreamed their lives would look like this 20 years later. But God laid adoption on their hearts, so after having daughters Constance and Callie, they brought home their third daughter, Presley, from Eastern Europe in 2017. They thought their family was complete….until God planted that seed in their hearts again. A year and a half after bringing Presley home, Gary and Carrie started casually looking through Reece’s Rainbow children. As soon as “Mikah” was listed they knew he was their son! They began the process in June 2019 and passed court in March 2020 just two days before Covid shutdowns. They would have to wait 4 more months to bring Milko home. Then, only 17 days after bringing Milko home, they gave birth to their 5th child, Rhett. Adding Milko and Rhett at the same time was incredibly difficult. If you asked Gary and Carrie if they would add any more children to their family, they would have again answered that their family was complete.

However, on their first trip to meet Milko in January 2020, they both noticed this other little girl with spina bifida in the same orphanage. She always was sat in a little blue chair and was given a toy. She had the best personality and would talk to anyone who was in the room. She was the sweetest little girl and Gary and Carrie fell in love with her. The following month she was listed on Reece’s Rainbow and they prayed for her and advocated for her for the next three years, even signing up to be her MACC warrior. Many times they would say things like “I wish we could have just adopted her when we were there last time” or “we will definitely bring her home before she ages out”. Eventually that just became “let’s go get her now”. Even though most people think they’re crazy, they are so excited to finally bring home that little girl that touched their hearts three years ago. To read more about the Mitchell family, please visit Reece’s Rainbow Report featuring their family.


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