PIPPY for the Anderson-Hansen family — CT

The Anderson-Hansen family, Charlie, Liz and their six children (Ethan, Savanna, Nikita, Abby, Emmeline and Cameron) are on a new adoption journey! They adopted their son, Cameron, from DCF in 2021 and Nikita (RR “Bert”) from Ukraine in 2021. Charlie and Liz are both registered nurses. Charlie is a travel nurse who works in the ICU and Liz is a nurse for a group home agency for adults with intellectual disabilities. Liz has always had the heart for adoption and was thrilled when she met Charlie and realized that his heart also led him to adopt. After scrolling through Reece’s Rainbow for years and finding their son, Nikita, they finished their adoption in 9 months! Their son, Nikita, has multiple medical needs including cerebral palsy. Within the month they arrived home, they found so much joy in raising Nikita that they thought “what if we adopt just one more?”. As everyone knows… famous last words in the world of adoption! In Feb 2022, they signed and paid commitment fees for another Ukraine adoption and just days later, they got the devastating news that Ukraine was at war. They waited for a year for adoptions to reopen, when they saw a picture of their soon-to-be daughter in a completely different country! They are now in process with another Eastern European country to bring home their child. They have been soft-matched and are working hard to complete this adoption quickly and efficiently. They are so thankful and blessed for the village that has grown around them and their children and would love to have everyone along on their next journey!


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