You’ve guessed it… the Richardson Tribe is growing again! This time the Lord has lead them to 2 boys.

“Preston” is 9 and “Kaysen” is 15, both having cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Jaime and Chris are rushing to get paperwork done and get to the boys ASAP. Kaysen will be 16 in June however he weights less than 30 lbs and spends in life confined to a crib, receiving 300 calories of nutrition a day. He is wasting away. Preston on the other hand is thriving! He was on the brink of death before some missionaries were able to get him medical care and through a series of God sized events, he was able to enter a loving foster home. The government, however, is stating that he has to return to the orphanage where he almost died in June!

The Richardsons need to get to the boys as soon as possible and they are praying for God to open the situational and financial doors to do so quickly.

Kayson and Preston will be joining their 10 siblings, all adopted, and parents in Indiana, where they will have a wonderful church and local community to help support their growth and development.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support in getting these precious children into a family where they will be cherished and belong.


$57,875.77 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Preston has received a $11,898 Waiting Child Grant.
Kaysen has received a $605 Waiting Child Grant.
Scout has received a $5040.56 Waiting Child Grant.