For those of you who know Jode and Kelley, you know they have felt for years that their family was not yet complete. Yes, they already have seven beautiful children at home, but when God laid it upon their hearts to once again adopt, they could not ignore the calling.

Inasmuch, they are pursuing a child (or two) from an Eastern European country – one which they have loved dearly and missed greatly. They look forward to going back and seeing those who have become like extended family.

Having completed five international adoption, they know that adoption can be expensive. However, they also know that God is faithful. Experience has proven that where He leads them, He will also supply all that they need. If you would like to support their efforts, please hit that donate button. Your generous financial gift is tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

The Robinsons will be adding updated posts to their blog as things progress. If you would like to come along on this journey, please follow their blog. As always, your fervent prayers are greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for coming along with us on this amazing journey!

11/6/2019 — COURT PASSED

$986.53 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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