TABITHA for Eric and Blythe — SC

Eric and Blythe are really excited about starting this adoption journey to bring Tabitha home! They believe that she will be the perfect little girl to join their family and all of their other kids agree! Eric and Blythe currently have five amazing children and this will be their fourth adoption. Adoption is an important part of their family’s story and they are so thankful and humbled to have the opportunity to walk through it again.

They know that their youngest little girl is waiting, an oceans lengths away, and so they are running as fast as they can to get to her! Eric and Blythe have seen, time after time, how God makes the impossible POSSIBLE! They are fully putting this adoption in His hands and believing that He will provide the energy and the funding to make it all happen. They are thankful for each and every person that joins them in helping to bring Tabitha home.


$22,363.86 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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