BRYANT for the Koebel family — MO

Darrel and Shonette Koebel have been married for almost 31 years. Darrel, is retired from the Air Force, he served 24.5 years for his country. After retirement Darrel decided to serve his community and became a law enforcement officer. He currently works for the Sheriffs department in his county. Shonette is a stay at home mom, wife and homeschool teacher to her kids. When Darrel and Shonette were dating they talked about having two kids and adopting two. Little did they know the love and joy they would experience through adoption! They had two children, a boy and girl. Then they decided it was time to start their journey with adoption. They got licensed as foster parents and were lucky to get twin infant boys. They were 3 months old when they got them. They had a lot of growing to do. They were born at 27 weeks. Darrel and Shonette fell in love with those two boys. It was a rough journey, but so rewarding. After a year of having the twins, they were able to adopt them. Then Shonette got pregnant a few months after the adoption. Soon their family would become a family of six. However, God had another plan in mind. When the Koebels had five children, the state called and asked if they had room in their hearts for two more kids. The Koebels couldn’t say no. They took a two-year-old little girl and eight month old boy. That would give them three two year olds and two infants, as well as their older two. Five in diapers at one time, the Koebel’s hands were full and their hearts were overflowing with love. After two years with these two little ones, the Koebels adopted them. They thought they were done. Yet again, God had other plans for them. Not even a month after they adopted those two kids, Shonette found out she was pregnant again. They were shocked and wondered what God was doing. They were given shirts that said eight is enough. As they prepared for their eighth child God decided to blow their socks off. The two they had just adopted, their mother had another baby boy. The state asked them if they would take him to keep siblings together. What were they supposed to say? They stepped up and said yes. Darrel and Shonette took in this baby and got him on a good schedule before Shonette had their fourth-biological child five weeks early. The Koebel’s felt content and were happy with their family.

However, again God has His plans not theirs. The Koebels were drawn to Eastern Europe. They felt God telling them to go and adopt from overseas. They jumped and flew across an ocean to bring home another little girl. This would bring their total up to ten kids and they were blessed beyond their wildest dreams. Then, God placed that nagging feeling in their hearts again. They saw a picture and knew this little girl were supposed to be their daughter. The Koebels stepped out on faith again to bring home another little girl from Eastern Europe. Darrel and Shonette, thought they were done. Yet again, God had other plan. They saw a picture of a little boy and knew God was asking them to make him their son. The Koebels are adopting a little boy from Eastern Europe. They feel this is the missing piece to make their family complete. Darrel and Shonette have a fire in their hearts that burns strong and fierce for orphans. They love these kids with all of their hearts. Darrel and Shonette know without a shadow of doubt that God has given them this love and desire to bring orphans into their home to be their forever family. The Koebels are not crazy. They are insanely in love with children that no one wants. They know how hard and difficult adoption can be. However, they believe God will provide and walk along side them on this journey to bring home another child.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27


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