Sammy & Abbie for the Falls family — AL

There are times in our life when God is calling us to step out on faith and trust in Him and no one could have given us a more profound love and help us have a greater faith and trust in our Lord than our precious second born son Jake. Born with a terminal illness that left him severely handicapped and medically fragile, Jake opened our eyes to a whole new world of special needs, chronic illnesses and medical fragility that we never knew existed. Yet through all the struggles, we found the true face of God, our Rock, our Redeemer, our great Comforter. Because of his pure and selfless love, having Jake as our son has completely transformed our lives and we are forever changed by God’s blessings and His goodness. He has blessed us in this life with 3 wonderful sons and although shortly after his 3rd birthday, we were stricken by life’s greatest tragedy in losing our precious and beloved Jake, we can’t help but be thankful that we have been chosen for such a treacherous journey because through the storms, our eyes have been opened to see the beauty of God’s precious orphans that are in need a mother and father to show them the love and comforts of a family.

Because of Jake, we have a heart for God’s special children living in orphanages that have been “thrown away” and otherwise forgotten. To others they may seem damaged but we see the true beauty that God sees in them and we know the full potential they possess if only given the chance. We feel that God is tugging at our hearts to adopt our 4th son whom we believe God has already chosen for us; a precious angel who was placed in a orphanage simply because he was born with Down Syndrome. What his birth mother saw as a burden, we know if a gift from God and we want to show him how worthy and loved he truly is but we need your help to make him ours. We are fully stepping out on faith and trusting God to make a way financially for us to bring our next child home. We trust in Him and know that He will provide for our needs. We want to thank you in advance for helping us bring our precious angel home and give him a wonderful family who will give him the life he deserves.


$839.50 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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