TESSA for the Mills family — VA

Meet the Mills Family: David, Kerry, Luke, Braeden, Esther, and coming soon … Mia who is called “Tessa” on Reese’s Rainbow. The Mills family views life as a great adventure, and have lived all over the world with David’s Air Force career. By faith, they adopted Esther in 2016, and they are ecstatic to expand their family once again through adoption.

Mia is a medically fragile, 13-year-old girl, and the Mills are working quickly on an expedited adoption process–cramming what is normally a long process into just a few months. Mia has several diagnoses, and renal failure is the most pressing problem. She is on dialysis every other day and receives blood transfusions twice a month. In Mia’s medical file, her orphanage director submitted a letter begging for Mia to be adopted because there is nothing else medically they can do for her in her country. The Mills have a wonderful Nephrology team queued up and ready to treat Mia the day she arrives in the states.

Please help the Mills family! All five plan to travel to welcome Mia into their family. They would greatly appreciate your prayers and welcome any financial support as they work hard to bring their daughter home as quickly as possible.

Their adoption motto: “Our ‘NO’ will be much more difficult on her then our “YES’ will ever be on us.”

2/20/2019 — HOMESTUDY COMPLETE on 2/4

$814.80 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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