They are stepping again … This will be Dennis & Cindy’s 4th Adoption. In 2012 their first Adoption Journey was for their little Adalyn in Russia. They traveled in December, spent a week with their precious little one, while they were with Adalyn the threat of the Ban was circulating. The Judge was trying to get them back quickly for Court. But a week after their return home the Ban became law and Adoptions were stopped in Russia. They did everything they could, gathering with the other families that also had children behind the Orphanage Gates in Russia, meeting with our Government, Praying, Believing. Adalyn is now 8 years old still in an Orphanage, we still Believe for the day she will come through the Orphanage Gates & Home.

In 2014 God brought two little ones Abraham & Sarah. They knew the two little ones were their son & daughter and on January 7, 2014 they Committed to adopt two little ones in Ukraine, just 2 & 3 years old, biological siblings. A month after starting their Adoption the War broke out in Ukraine and the two little ones were in one of the 3 Cities where the War was. Dennis & Cindy still continued, Believing, listening to God, knowing He would bring their babies home. On May 7 their paperwork was submitted and on June 7 they got travel dates. But soon were told they could not travel due to active bombing in their children’s city. God spoke through it all & they Believed, Prayed, clung to their Faith & never gave up. On Dec. 4, 2014 just as God had spoken, Abraham & Sarah took their first steps in America, their Home. God did Miracle after Miracle in protecting, bringing them out of a War zone and brought them Home just as He spoke & Promised… They will be Home for CHRISTmas, and they were.

In February of 2016 God brought another little one to Dennis & Cindy. Little Ayden … Ayden’s adoption was another Journey of Trusting God, watching, Trusting and seeing once again His perfect timing , Miracles. On December 7, 2017 little Ayden took his first steps on American soil.

When Dennis & Cindy were in Ayden’s adoption God brought a little 10 year into their Home through Hosting , little did they know then what God’s plan was. They Hosted this precious little boy now turning 13 in March 7 times in their Home. God is still unfolding His plan for this little boy in their family.

Then in October of 2018 God brought a little girl, Little “A” just 6 years old. While following another family’s Adoption Cindy saw on their page this little one, they were looking for a family to Host her for CHRISTmas… Little A was their Sarah, she could be Sarah’s Twin. When Cindy showed her video to Abraham, Sarah & Ayden they all thought it was Sarah. Cindy wrestled for a week trying to figure this one out. How could they possibly do this, they were already Hosting their little boy, this was another Hosting Agency, would involve raising funds, flying to another city to pick her up. After a week she went to Dennis & when she showed him her picture & video he too thought it was his daughter Sarah. So they stepped in faith seeing what God would do. In a day He provided all her funds for Hosting and then He provided all her flight fees. When she landed on Dec. 19 in Texas & Cindy saw this tiny little one come through the doors, frightened, looking all around, not knowing where she was with tears in her little eyes. She scooped her up and immediately she knew and her heart broke knowing in just a month she would have to send her back. Little “A” fit into our family from the minute she stepped into their lives. She was another CHRISTmas Miracle, a Gift from God and when Cindy asked God how can we do this again, how can we send her back. God told her. I brought her to you. You have to send her back so I can bring her Home. So here they are again after raising their 8 children to Adults, 9 Grandchildren, God opened their hearts, their Home & family to Adoption … They will continue to step & follow … Will you help them bring their Precious Little “A” Home?


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