DIMA for the Rodgers family — OH

Life is a gift. This is something that we as a family cherish, and through such seek to return to God the blessings that He has bestowed upon us. We are a quirky bunch who seek to enjoy the joys of life through a family rooted in Christian beliefs. We are bi-lingual, in that five of our nine children are deaf (we carry a recessive gene which causes Pendred Syndrome- progressive hearing loss). Our second child Ambrose passed at 25 months of age in 2006 from a pulmonary embolism after a surgical procedure.

The gift of his life is what brought Bernadette and I to seek out Foster Care for medically fragile and special needs children. We worked through a local Non-Denominal Agency called House of Samuel. We encountered an amazing group of people, especially the children. It was such a beautiful time that taught us so much, and we experienced God’s love in a whole new form. We stopped doing Foster Care once our family grew, and the needs of our biological children became apparent.

Bernadette and I met while serving as Missionaries for NET Ministries in St. Paul MN, we were on the same team for our year commitment. Both of us were committed to religious life and found fellowship in the support of each other’s calling. Towards the end of the year we both found a love for each other, however, not wanting to stand in each other’s way planned to go our separate ways. I was going to return to Canada, and my now wife to Ohio, however, it was apparent to us something was happening in the life of the other. I returned to Ohio with Bernadette and her family, and we found profound peace in the sense of Marriage and by His grace were marriage on May 31st 2004.

Christ is foremost in each of our lives, with me now working in Healthcare we remain active in ministry at our Parish through teaching: both youth and RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) classes. We have been blessed with a beautiful marriage, and the joy of nine children: Josephina 15, Ambrose (past 2006), Augustine (deaf)11, Sebastian 9, Emilia(deaf) 7, Ignatius 6, Maximus(deaf)5, Juniper 2, Tiberius (deaf) 11mths, they are a lively bunch who continue to add great adventure in this journey.

Dima was brought to our lives by one of the Clinical Managers I work aside. She had heard of Dima and thought of us immediately because of his deafness. Other families had tried to adopt him but had backed out because the language barrier was too great of a hurdle for them. Our hearts were pierced by his story, the fact that he was deaf, our enduring thoughts and prayers led us to foster/adoption again, he is a gift from God. We prayed and know this was the road we had to walk, and time was of the essence. Orphans have until their sixteenth birthday for someone to apply for their adoption and Dima was one week shy of his sixteenth birthday. We answered the call and said yes!

The journey has been tiring at times, but the thought of him being left without a family, it is all that he has experienced in life that calms the awkward times and we press on. The children call him their brother, and he is lifted in our daily prayers, for peace, patience, and trust- we are coming. Dima already seems apart of us in many ways, we facetime and message daily. The remaining hurdles of finance will pass, and one day we will look back and smile at the lessons God taught us in this time.

We humbly ask for your support, to consider our family, and our choice of adoption, the reception of funds will ease some of the process ahead. Thank you for considering your partnership in our journey to bring Dima home.

7/19/2019 — APPT on JULY 31

$9,307.11 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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