GRIFFIN for the McCormick Family — NC

The McCormick adoption story began when Susan was very young. She saw movies like “Annie” and “Oliver!” and asked her parents if orphans were a reality. Ever since then, she wanted to give orphans a family who loves and cares for them.

Several years after she married Greg and had their first child, she spoke about adoption with him. He was open to it, but the family was still very young and not financially stable. Fast forward 19 years and 7 more pregnancies and Susan feels a strong calling to pursue adoption. Greg still doesn’t feel it’s the right time, but her grandfather sent some money unexpectedly and it was just enough to host an orphan for the summer. The family decided to host a 9 year old boy from Ukraine in the summer of 2017. The child was well accepted by the Mac kids and everyone was treating each other like siblings quickly. Greg saw that the family could handle bringing in a child and that adoption could actually work. In October 2017, the application to adopt a child in Poland was sent. Once the dossier was complete, Poland stopped accepting international couples. So the Mac Clan changed to a waiting older child in another Eastern European country. The dossier was submitted on November 13, 2018 and the official referral and invitation to travel was received on February 7, 2019.

6/12/2019 — FINAL TRIP in JUNE


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