Edgar and Rachael Mendez met and fell in love at work when they both worked for the same Pest Control Company. Rachael was an insect specialist and Edgar was the Branch Service Manager. Their shared love of insects is what bonded them and allowed them to spend a lot of time together on problem accounts. Two years later, in July of 2009, the priest that married them told their friends and family he had never before had anyone fall in love because of bugs! Theirs is a happy marriage filled with similar values and a desire to build a family despite their cultural differences.

It was not until three years later, that Rachael found out she was pregnant. On Valentine’s Day, Rachael went into early labor and delivered a 2- pound baby boy. Although he was tiny and fragile and stayed in the hospital for 105 days, there was a fighting spirit in him, and he soon became the center of the universe for the Mendez Family. Two weeks after his birth, this tiny boy was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. So, Edgar and Rachael immediately started reading and preparing for how to bring home a special needs micro-preemie. Now six years old, Nicholas loves Mickey Mouse, horseback riding, swimming and basketball, and with a lot of extra tutoring is very advanced with reading. And what a personality!

But Edgar and Rachael knew in their hearts that their family was not complete. After two miscarriages, one of which almost took Rachael’s life, and giving birth to a stillborn baby girl, the Mendez’s decided to turn to adoption. One night, Rachael stumbled across Reese’s Rainbows and discovered the plight that special needs orphans face abroad. Picturing their own son in this predicament, they suddenly felt called to do something. After clicking on the list of waiting boys, Rachael discovered Bodey and instantly felt the connection. His little baby photo, showed him sitting with his little hand fanned out beside him the same way their own son used to sit as an infant. Abandoned at 3 months old and sitting quietly in an orphanage with no one interested, Bodey needed a family to call his own. Yes, he needed to come home! After requesting his file, the Mendez family found more and more similarities between their two boys, especially with their shared love of basketball. Additionally, a friend of the family is from the same area and has toured the orphanage Bodey is living inside. It is the dream that these two little boys will grow up together in such a loving household, so now the Mendez’s are trying to prepare financially to take the leap and bring their son home. The cost of adoption will stretch them very much, but they could not leave Bodey behind. Please keep Bodey and the Mendez Family in your thoughts and prayers. Any contributions to bring Bodey home faster would be greatly appreciated.

9/26/2019 — TRAVELING OCT 23

The Mendez family met their RODS Racing matching grant!

$20,384.13 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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