ERIN for the Heckert family — OH

The Heckerts: Ryan, Sara, Layna, Luke, Ava… and… coming Summer 2019 – “Erin”, who will soon be named Anna!

Ryan and Sara are humbled and grateful to be growing their family through adoption once again! With Ryan’s career work in the disability field and Sara’s family members with disabilities, plus her professional experience, they feel God has perfectly placed them together. This is their second adoption and this time they’re going international!

Anna is actually 11 days older than Ava! “TWINS!” Reports from her caregiving agency describe her as extroverted and affectionate. She loves to be hugged. She can interact with other children. Sometimes she tickles other children and plays with them. She also makes funny faces to make the adults laugh.  Anna has Down syndrome and other minor special needs.

The Heckerts could talk all day about the love they receive from their amazing network of friends and family, including many who already have traveled the adoption road. This adoption wouldn’t be possible without their never-ending encouragement and support.

6/30/2019 — TRAVELING JULY

$7,010.19 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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