STELLAN for the Hewitt family — CO

The Hewitts are currently a family of 6 but hoping to soon be a family of 7. They have one child by adoption: a 7-year-old boy with a rare genetic condition who has been the sweetest blessing to their family, and 3 children by birth: an adorably fierce toddler, a peaceful, sweet-hearted 5-year-old and a compassionate, free-spirited 8-year-old.

The Hewitt family recently brought home their son from Asia in November of 2017 after working through an expedited adoption due to his failing health. After receiving much-needed medical care and a family to wrap their hearts and arms around him – he is now thriving! Their lives have been full of incredible blessings and JOY through the beauty of adoption.

They are now in the midst of an even more expedited adoption (3 months from beginning to end) of an aging out orphan with a very similar genetic condition as their other adopted son. Stellan came to their attention after a friend shared his Reece’s Rainbow page and their hearts were immediately drawn to this boy. The Hewitts began their race to Stellan late in December 2018 after learning of his dire situation and will need to complete the adoption and bring him home before his birthday in early April.

Even though this adoption seems like an impossible task – they have learned through their previous adoption that NOTHING is impossible with God. So far, they are on track to get to him in time. They look forward to partaking in another miracle, seeing God change a child’s status from never-chosen, orphan to awaited brother, beloved son.

Stellan already has $15,000 in grants toward his adoption; the remaining estimated adoption costs is about $16,000 and all donations will help towards these costs.

2/4/2019 — LOA RECEIVED

$1,988.50 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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