When she traveled in 2018 to adopt her son, Campbell, Sara had the opportunity to speak to the Director of her son’s Orphanage. Sara learned that of the approximately 500 children in Orphanage’s care, almost 1/5 of the children had Down Syndrome. Even more staggering was the revelation that her son was only the 7th child with Down Syndrome to be adopted from that Orphanage. After learning about these children, Sara committed to advocate and help them find their forever families.

Upon returning home with her son, Sara started to read a collection of folktales to him each night. One of these folktales, “Holding Up the Sky”, followed a little hummingbird that was determined to do her part to save the sky from falling. Her friend, the elephant, laughed at her attempt to hold up the sky with her little hummingbird legs, but the hummingbird was determined to do her part.

Sara was moved to tears by this tale and shared it with her older children, Elise and Luke. They saw themselves as the hummingbird and decided that they were ready to go beyond advocacy and do their part to bring home another child with Down Syndrome from Campbell’s Orphanage.

Sara, a Middle School Special Education Teacher, has already begun fundraising with bake sales, garage sales, auctions, and more to come. The Croasdaile family, Sara, Elise, Luke, and Cam, welcome other hummingbirds to join them in supporting the journey to bring home their beautiful treasure!

10/17/2019 — LOA RECEIVED

$3,306.03 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Adelyn has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.