RONALD for the Adair family — MN

Jacob and Rebecca Adair are an amazing couple who have great, open communication and who know each other extremely well. Rebecca is a kind and caring wife and mother. She grew up the second youngest of eight children and has always loved being part of a large family. She inherited her mother’s heart, full of unconditional love for children and knew she wanted a large family of her own. Jacob is a very supportive and understanding husband. He knows the important role that parents have in the life of their children and cultivates a loving, individual relationship with each of his children.

The Adairs met on-line when Jacob was 19 and Rebecca was 18. They instantly formed a strong connection and were married in July 2006. Their relationship grew even stronger through marriage. They had four beautiful girls, but felt God had bigger plans for their family.

In 2015, while browsing the Reece’s Rainbow community website, they came across three wonderful sisters. These girls joined their family in June, 2016. The Adairs knew they had room for more, and at the end of the year God nudged them toward two amazing sisters and a little boy all on his own. They brought home their last two daughters in October, 2017, but a series of unavoidable circumstances blocked them from bringing home the little boy.

The Adairs were thrilled to have their girls home, but there was a void. The girls started bonding and settling into their new home, blending into their new family beautifully. But, none of them forgot the little boy. They prayed he would remain healthy and prayed God would find him his perfect family. They prayed more, asking friends and family to pray with them. They advocated heavily for this little boy seeking fervently for his family. Soon many in their church knew about the little boy because the girls would all pray week after week for him in Sunday School.

During this time, God broke their hearts, keeping them wide and open for this child. He knew this was their son, that events would unfold on God’s timeline. So this is the start of the Adairs new journey. They are coming for you, Ronald! Soon you will be at home with a flood full of super heroes, cars, trucks, trains, and big sisters! Plus a daddy and mommy who will never leave you. The Adair family cannot wait to hear Ronald’s chatter throughout their home!

3/29/2019 — APPT MID-APRIL

$11,600.96 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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