BRADY for the Colfack family — NE

Rex and Melissa Colfack, have been married 22 years and had no idea what God had planned for their lives. Soon after they married they started to build their family . 2 boys and1 girl later they felt their family was complete. However they later realized that God had other plans for them by placing adoption in their hearts.

In 2015 and 2017 they brought home two Reeces Rainbow princess’s and now they are opening their hearts and home to one of our Other Angels, Brady. Brady captured their hearts when they traveled to bring their youngest daughter home. He has lived 11 years too many in the orphanage and as the years have passed he has watched his friends being adopted and regularly asks his caretakers “when will I be adopted?”. Sadly he has been overlooked, why? Because he is a boy, he is older, and he has a diagnosis of so many unknowns. However the Colfack’s couldn’t stop thinking about him and after much prayer they know they are meant to bring him home to get the love and care he deserves. So they spent the next few months reading and researching all about his needs and will not let his diagnosis stand in their way! They believe that God had placed him in our hearts for a reason and that has given them the courage to go back. He is growing their hearts and changing them in more ways than they could ever imagine. Suddenly the things they wanted and desired became different.

They know they can’t save them all, but at the same time they know if God calls them, they will say yes and that He doesn’t choose the qualified He qualifies the chosen. They struggle to believe that any sacrifice of their comforts should outweigh the desperate needs of this sweet boy. They realize now that it has nothing to do with their needs, their abilities, their financial status, but everything to do with the needs of one of God’s children. They cannot wait to meet their son and are excited to bring him home where he will be a treasured brother, grandson, nephew, and friend to so many.

Won’t you join them in their journey? Adoption truly takes a village and while they can care for Brady once he is home they need the support of families like yours that want to be a part of something great and help families like theirs turn orphans into sons and daughters. They feel blessed and grateful to each of you and are proud to be a part of the Reeces Rainbow family. Please pray for them and share their FSP so others like you can help them get their son home.

6/28/2019 — TA RECEIVED

$4,565.64 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Brady has received a $6,000 Older Child Grant.