MALACHY and BRUNO for the Askvig family — UT

The Askvig family resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. David and Jackie have been married nearly 9 years and have four biological children. They stumbled upon Reece’s Rainbow early in their marriage and so began their heart for orphans and vulnerable children. In 2016, the Askvigs became licensed foster parents and fostered a total of four children. They assumed that foster care would be their story until a Reece’s Rainbow post stopped them in their tracks and God showed them that now was their time to bring home a special needs child from abroad. They began pursuing a beautiful teen from an Eastern European country and are hoping to expedite the process for this sweet boy’s grave health. After they started the process for Malachy, the Askvigs saw Bruno, learned more about his story and his sweet soul, and knew he was theirs too. Just days before his 16th birthday, the Askvigs committed to add him to their adoption. Join them in prayer for these boys’ sustenance and a smooth, quick journey.

9/14/2018 — APPOINTMENT SEPT 25

$1,748.12 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Bruno has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.
Malachy has received a $20,124.40 Grant.