Girl, born 2016
Down Syndrome

Listed: May 2018

Delia is a smiley girl who loves to give her caregivers hugs! They describe her as a quiet and obedient toddler. She especially enjoys music, and will shake her body when she hears a tune. She also enjoys playing with drums, the toy piano and shaking rattles. Delia has Down syndrome, but is not diagnosed with any other medical conditions. Her development is behind, but she has made progress at her own pace. At eight months old she could roll over, and a couple months later was sitting with support. When she turned one she was saying single syllables like “ma” and “ba.” By one and a half she could sit on her own and crawl. She likes playing hand clapping and finger pointing games, and is able to pick up small objects with her thumb and forefinger. If another child takes her toy, rather than cry she just goes and finds another toy, but next time she will hide from the child who took the toy from her! Delia is waiting for the lucky family who will enjoy all the hugs she hands out!

UPDATE: Delia is a precious little girl, who also goes by the advocacy name of “Leta”. Delia can sit, crawl, walk, play clapping hand games, and pick up small objects with her fingers. She likes to play with toy drums, rattles, and the toy piano. If Delia hears music, she will be happy and shake her body to the beat. If another child takes her toys, Delia will hide from them and find another toy to play with instead of crying. She is quiet, obedient, and has a beautiful smile. Delia makes one syllable sounds and responds to others asking for her toys or food. She likes snuggling and hugs from her caregivers. Delia is a good eater and is not picky. She does have a red birthmark on her left arm. Don’t miss Delia’s video from this past August!

Delia’s current agency has a $1500 grant, available to families who qualify, to assist with the cost of this adoption.

$909.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!