DAVY for the Peters family — WA

Joe and Ronda fell in love while in high school where they met one night during a high school football game. A couple of years after graduation they were married and soon started their sweet family. They have been married and best friends for 23 years and have four beautiful children. Ronda has been a stay at home mom enjoying raising their children and Joe has worked for the phone company for the last 21 years. They enjoy their family time getting outdoors and hiking together. Family is very important to them, always putting their kids first and being involved in all their activities. Though the years as their family was growing they experienced the loss of two babies due to miscarriage which then started the conversations of adoption. They then had two rainbow babies three years apart, their youngest being born with Down syndrome. The beautiful experience of love and joy from their son being born with an extra chromosome inspired more conversations of adoption and in particular a child with Down syndrome. Ronda came across a photo of Davy from a fellow mom of two children with Down syndrome, one that they had adopted, who was advocating for Davy on Instagram. Ronda said she read the words “Be sure to show Davy’s picture and pray for him and for a family to adopt him…… Maybe that family is you?” Ronda felt a wave of emotions come over her and as she looked at Davy’s photo she knew in her heart that she was his mommy. Joe and Ronda soon after started the adoption process knowing Davy would complete their loving family. They are very excited to be on this journey and are trusting in the Lord as he leads them through this adoption. Joe and Ronda would love the support of prayers and the generosity of donations to raise funds to help bring their son Davy home.

4/18/2019 — LOA RECIEVED

$8,488.12 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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