AJ for the Kurtz family — NY

Hi everyone! This may be one of the most humbling things Alex and I have had to do. We are asking for your help to bring our sweet boy home. Baby AJ is 1 year old and he is a beautiful boy with down syndrome. Due to his medical needs, the sooner we can get him home, the sooner we can provide him with resources he is now lacking. As you may know, this adoption will cost 20-30 thousand dollars.

A (not so) quick background:  Those that know me, know that adoption has always been a calling of mine. It had nothing to do with my baby making ability, my desire to have my own children or anything else of that nature. It has always just been something in my heart that I knew I would pursue. Children are constantly on my mind. Alex and I have talked all about having babies, adopting babies and everything in between. Luckily, my husband is the kindest man I have ever known. He has always stood by my passions even when they sounded like pure madness. When I expressed my feelings on adopting to him very early in our relationship, he was with me 100 percent. We prolonged adding to our family when I was diagnosed with lupus. Afterwards, I had no idea when the right time for anything was. I prayed to God every night and asked him to guide me in the right path.  I prayed that I would somehow know what I was supposed to do, and that I would be accepting of that regardless of what it was.

Why ?: So everyone has reasons for what they choose to do, especially in adoption. While I knew I would adopt, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I knew I was supposed to adopt a special needs child. I wont get into the details (research if you would like) but our country is very fortunate to have the resources, medical advances and programs that we do. I knew that if we adopted a beautiful child with needs, we could offer them so much. Who wouldn’t want to change a child’s life like that? Why wouldn’t I chose a child who needed me just a little bit more? To me, when I learned of hardships other countries face in dealing with special needs children, its a no brainer.

How did I know it was THIS baby:  We have researched this process forever. Alex and I have visited the idea and revisited the idea numerous times. We just never felt like it was the right time. I felt like I was too sick. I didn’t know when I wanted be pregnant. We had to many medical bills and student loans. Funny fact, you will NEVER have the timing right for something like this.

We were at dinner one night and I ran into a woman I knew from my old job. The last time I saw her, she was in the process of adopting a beautiful baby boy. Alex and I went out to dinner one night and she was there with her lovely family. I looked up and there she is holding this precious little man, with his little blue glasses and denim overalls. My heart sank and I just grabbed him to snuggle. I remember tearing up in the moment. I told her again to keep us updated as she knew we were interested in adopting. She told me she was fundraising for another little boy who was a year old with Down syndrome. We chatted and she told me again about the little boy. I didn’t think much about it, but we exchanged numbers so I could see his photo. As soon as my phone went off and I saw him, again I teared right up. Alex said “no…I know that look Caitlin”. But he was smiling just as big. Needless to say…that is how we were introduced to this baby boy. I went home and continued to pray. I prayed hard and I prayed a lot. By the end of the week, he was already ours.

International adoptions are insanely expensive. I decided that day, that I would do whatever I had to do to bring this baby home to be with his family. After talking with many strong and amazing women, I learned that adopting a special needs child can be made easier by the number of grants out there. I learned that adoption has been possible for many because of grants and fundraising. I figured if they could do it, why couldn’t we. So this is where we are at. In the whirlwind of a process called adoption. Fighting and praying for our beautiful baby boy every single day.

1/15/2019 — TRAVELING in FEB
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