HARPER GRACE for the Price Family — GA

Evan and Hope are high school sweethearts who have been together for 13 years and married for 7. Evan has been with the same company in sales since college and Hope is an Athletic Trainer at a local High School.

Hope always told Evan that she had dreamed of adopting a little girl from China since she was a young girl herself, but they never actually thought it would happen. Fast forward to 2013 and they were faced with the fact that they would not have biological children. They immediately knew that God was telling them Adoption was where He was taking them. Fast forward another 2 years and in May of 2015 they brought home their little girl Chandler through domestic adoption.

Hope found Reece’s Rainbow in 2016 and told Evan about the organization. She was always showing him children she saw listed and researched different countries and their adoption process. She told Evan she thought God was trying to tell her that this was the route they should take for their next child. Evan didn’t feel the same way to begin with. He had many worries and reservations about international adoption, but eventually he couldn’t deny God’s calling either and agreed that this was His plan. Hope came across Harper Grace’s file and immediately knew this was he child. It just so happens Chandler’s middle name is Grace as well so the Price’s knew it was meant to be.

The Price’s are so excited to bring this precious little girl home and watch her grow and thrive. Chandler is so excited to have a sister and tells everyone all about her and where she lives now.

11/5/2018 — TRAVELING NOV 30

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