Girl, born 2015
Down syndrome

Listed: July 2017

update from March 2020: She lags behind, compared with other kids of her age. She has poor speech with poor learning skill. She can speak single characters at one time. The teacher said that when in class, the teacher demonstrated “1” and she could stick up her fingers and say “1.” She is a quiet, well-behaved girl; she likes to play, and happily plays with a little friend. She walks on her own, and it not yet potty-trained. She can scribble on paper and pick up tiny things with her fingers. She has poor language skills and poor learning skills. She can speak single characters only, and she follows simple directions (such as ‘bring a ball to the teacher’). Nan loves things that are colorful, and she likes to play with construction blocks, watch cartoon movies and playing with balls.

Videos of Nan are available!

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