Girl, born 2015
Down syndrome

Listed: July 2017

Nan is a sweet peanut! As of her spring 2017 update, Nan was able to sit, crawl, and stand a little, while holding onto the railing. Nan can say simple words like ‘mama’ and ‘nannan.’ She plays well with other children and will smile at someone she knows. When people talk to her, she is very happy. She sometimes takes toys from the other children. If they start to cry, she will join in and cry along with them. Nan loves to look at colorful picture books and knows how to turn the pages, one by one. Her caretakers are working with her on identifying body parts. Nan cries loudly when upset, but the staff can comfort her by talking to her gently. She is scared of strangers and new places and will look for familiar caretakers when in that situation. She likes when her caretakers kiss her cheeks or give her snacks. Nan can hold her own bottle but does eat other foods, such as cut-up meat, soup, sliced fruits, small pieces of bread, etc. She is not a picky eater and she really likes bread and steamed buns. Nan is living in the orphanage. She sleeps well, but does move around a lot at night. The staff will sometimes need to re-cover her or will just give her two blankets. Nan has a cheerful personality and loves being outdoors and playing with toys that make sounds. We’re hoping Nan’s family sees her soon so she is able to come home while she is still so young.

There is a $5000 agency grant available, through Nan’s current agency.  They also have video and additional pictures.

$2,749.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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