LANDON for the Harmon family — UT

God has been working miracles in their hearts, and the Harmon family is adding a sweet little boy to their family! As their own four children slept safely in their beds, bellies full of food, hearts knowing they are loved, Nikki and Mikey wept as they scrolled through profiles of abandoned children who did not know the safety and love of a family. As they scrolled through page after page of profiles, they kept going back to one little boy who had touched their hearts. He was familiar to them somehow, and before the night was over they had emailed the agency for more information. They hardly slept that night as the weight of these forgotten children weighed heavily on their hearts and wet their pillows with tears. Over the next few days it became clear that God intended for this little boy to teach them about sacrifice and love. Suddenly their perspective had changed and nothing felt as important as bringing him home. Their children did not hesitate for a moment when Nikki and Mikey told them there was a child without a home who needed a family. They cannot wait to hold Landon in their arms!

3/16/2018 — COURT on MARCH 20
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