KENNEDY for the Bouchard family — MO

kennedy-e1473918190496The Bouchard family is so excited to be adopting again!  They have prayed for years for some of the older little girls on Reece’s Rainbow to find their forever families, so when God opened the door for them to be able to go back, they were so excited to begin Kennedy’s adoption.  Kennedy will have two younger sisters who also have that very special extra chromosome!

Rick and Chante have been married for 18 years and live with their nine children on a farm in Missouri.  They have been blessed to be able to adopt children from Haiti, Ethiopia, and China, as well as having four biological children.

They love spending time outside on their farm, caring for the animals.  Their family also enjoys going to amusement parks, fishing, and playing board games together.  They are very involved in their church, and the whole family loves Sundays and Wednesdays, when they get to spend time in church together.  One of the things they love most about adoption in watching children blossom into all that God created them to be when they have the love of a family supporting them.  Everyone of their children adds something unique and special to their family, and they can’t wait to meet Kennedy!

They would love your prayers and support as they work to raise the money needed to bring Kennedy into their family.

11/27/2017 — TRAVELING NOV 30

$1,505.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Kennedy has received a $15,000 Older Child Grant.