V for the Parrish Family — GA

Anna and Steven have been blessed twice through adoption! Eddie joined their family in 2015, and Rosa came home in 2016. After years of infertility and fruitlessly pursuing domestic adoption, the Parrishes saw Eddie’s picture in 2014 and were smitten. Once home, in 2015, they quickly saw the difference that it makes for children to be in families. Eddie immediately grew and blossomed. Anna and Steven immediately began considering adopting again. Rosa (previously listed as “Ryleigh”) has been an incredible blessing and joy to our family.

Shortly after getting home with Rosa, Anna and Steven were looking at orphans on Reece’s Rainbow and saw sweet V’s photo. They were instantly drawn to him. As the holiday season passed, he was often at the forefront of their thoughts. In January, the Parrish family reached out to their agency to begin pursuing V. They were matched in April and their homestudy was completed in May! V has a number of medical special needs including spina bifida and hydrocephalus. The Parrish family is working to bring V home as quickly as possible.

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