OLIVER for the Robertson family — NJ

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Trent and Amber have been married for eight years. They have three children. The oldest, an 11 year old daughter who joined their family with Amber, is a sweet, loving child who enjoys softball and soccer. Together, they have two young sons. The four year old is hilarious and loves helping Dad with yard-work and car repairs. The baby is two and he is obsessed with tractors and trains. As a family, they enjoy being active in their church, escaping to the outdoors, and engaging in community activities.

Adoption was something they talked about from time to time. They always considered it down the road, when their children were older; when timing was more convenient. After watching local friends go through a domestic adoption, their hearts started to stir. They considered becoming respite caregivers for foster families. It was during this time of consideration their eyes were opened to the orphan crisis in the world. They were introduced to Reece’s Rainbow, particularly children with special needs in Eastern Europe. After watching a close friend commit to a child and go through the adoption process, Amber prayed that if this was God’s will for their lives now, that He would make it known to them. One day, she showed Trent a picture of a little boy, which had become pretty routine in their house, but this time he responded with, “OK. Find out what we need to do to get him home.” They knew then that they couldn’t say “but later” any longer. God had called them to make a difference to one.

They are thrilled to welcome home their son and cannot wait to start their journey as a family of six!

7/4/2018 — FINAL TRIP JULY 13

$9,703.07 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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