You don’t have to adopt to make a difference!

A new fundraising program is being launched for anyone who likes to run/walk in 5K/10K/30K events!  The program is called “One Step Closer to Home”, and provides you with a fabulous new graphic and opportunity to raise awareness and donations for Reece’s Rainbow. If you’d like to organize a full RR event, or just run in another race with our logo, please contact Kelly Mokashi. To check out T-shirts, mugs, and other items at our Cafe Press store, click HERE.
The Guardian Angel Project is a new effort to increase awareness and raise additional grant donations for our “Other Angels“, those children with other special needs who are also waiting for their forever families to find them. Learn more
  Connecting the Rainbow – An Outreach Program for Birth Families of Children with Down Syndrome Abroad.  The primary focus of Reece’s Rainbow is to raise grant funds and promote the international adoption and rescue of children with Down syndrome in particular.  However, our long term goal is to eliminate the need for Reece’s Rainbow by serving as a catalyst for social change abroad.  
Being an orphan warrior for a child costs nothing but your time.   Any of our 0-5  children (Down syndrome, HIV+, or “Other Angels”) are eligible to have warriors.    Use Facebook, email, your blog, any other way you can to help your chosen child find their “forever family”.   Learn more
Be a Prayer Warrior for one of our waiting children.  Prayer is FREE and can be even more powerful than an adoption grant in finding an adoptive family, helping with fundraising, and seeking God’s favor in the health and well-being of each child as they wait “at the end of Reece’s Rainbow” for their forever family.   Learn more
Donate to the Voice of Hope Fund.  Reece’s Rainbow is a totally non-profit organization.  We function solely on private donations to fund the monthly operational expenses that we have. Donations to this fund help us with critical operational and marketing/advertising expenses. It doesn’t feel as warm and fuzzy as donating for a child’s grant fund, but it is much needed!  Learn more