These are the families who have taken a leap of faith and committed to adopt one or more of our orphaned children most recently.

We are thrilled to have them, and so grateful for this life-saving step to rescue our angels!
Your continued financial support will give them the strength and courage to continue this journey!


It was mid-February of 2022 and I received an email from an adoption agency contact that I had worked with several years ago. She remembered that I was Bulgarian and reached out because their agency had several older children needing families. Would I consider adoption?

I had not considered adoption. My husband and I have six wonderful children and four of them are already adults who are independent, married and successful. The last two are growing into amazing young men – we have a senior in high school and our little guy is in sixth grade. We are grandparents now … why would we adopt!

Out of curiosity I clicked on the link in the email and the first picture that popped up was the picture of I***. It was one of those moments that you are not expecting – a kaboom moment – when you know everything in your life just changed.  I was immediately drawn to her – she even looked like our daughters – and when I read her profile there was no other option for me except to ask my husband if he would consider adoption. We talked that evening and he reviewed her profile and picture. Within 24 hours we had contacted the two adoption agencies necessary to begin our adoption journey.

As quickly as we could we gathered all the information required and our paperwork was submitted and then we learned there was “more than one” family who had applied. How could that happen? Clearly – she was our child! For six anxious weeks we waited for news. During that time, we talked to our children and our extended family, completed our home study and our immigration paperwork – all with the faith and hope that we were the right family and that we would be chosen for her. Our home study was not child-specific, and our international adoption agency asked us to keep an open mind and discuss whether we would consider a different child if this child was no longer available. That was really tough. We looked at other profiles and waiting children and alternately wanted to adopt them all and none of them because our hearts were already drawn to I***. Then word finally arrived that we had been matched! What a blessing, and a joy that was – but it was also terrifying! This was now really, truly happening – we have a 14-year old daughter.

I have a new appreciation for all the work and effort adoptive parents go through to bring a child into their family. With the help of many people – two agencies – one for our home study and one for the international adoption – social workers, financial consultants, family and friends, and even co-workers and notaries – we are finalizing our dossier and waiting for news of when we can travel to meet our new daughter.

Since we were not anticipating the expense of either adoption or a seventh child – we are asking for the assistance of grants to bring her home. We are fully invested in this beautiful young lady and although it won’t be easy, it will be worth it! We know that with the love and support of our entire family she will continue to grow and develop. She will have the ability to fulfill all her goals and dreams, whatever they may be. In her video she admits that this will be hard for her – but it’s not turning her life upside-down, but that it is a new beginning. We are excited to be part of her story and her future. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support. It means a lot to all of us!


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Sarah is single. She has always known that she was called to work with orphaned and displaced children; and at the young age of 7 years she told everyone that would listen that she would adopt all of her children when she was grown up. In 2008 her journey towards adoption began with US foster care.

By 2016 this desire to make a difference for children in need expanded across the globe and she was blessed with a waiting, orphaned child with special needs. Again in 2018 she was blessed with another waiting child with spina bifida.

Once again Sarah has heard the call of adoption and committed to a sibling set. Sarah could use your help and has set up this page for a place to send your tax deductible donations. This sibling set has not lived together for many years and suffered the effects of neglect and separation. The male child is an older child who is 13 years old with a mental delay. It is said that he remembers being mistreated/ neglected and sometimes talks about it. His younger sister is 9 years old and lives in another foster home. The children sometimes visit each other but very much want to live together and have a family that will accept them both together.

When asked how they felt about being adopted the younger child said “I hope mom comes for us soon!” Please help her bring them home. Children belong in families.

Sarah’s youngest son says: “Sarah (Mommy) will be a great mom for them! I hope they are good brother and sister. I hope they will play with me.”


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Residing in the state of North Dakota, Bill and Raelynn, along with their three boys John (8), James (6), and Reid (3), hope to welcome home sweet Melly. Their adoption journey started as conversations during their dating years, and the desire to grow their family through adoption remained on their hearts years later.

In 2018 while pregnant with their third child, Raelynn really began to look into adoption. At first the idea was to pursue domestic newborn adoption, but the Schimetz family quickly became aware of the immense need of children born with special needs. Providentially, Raelynn aligned paths with someone who adopted children with special needs abroad and shortly after found Reece’s Rainbow. Knowing that the time wasn’t quite right to adopt, Raelynn advocated and raised funds for children on RR and patiently waited until it was time. In March of 2022, Bill and Raelynn agreed that the time was right, and just a week later the couple saw the sweetest picture of a little girl on RR.

The couple is fully trusting in His provision and timing in the adoption process, and are hopeful to welcome Melly into their home. Videos of Melly show her having the sweetest little demeanor, full of determination and adorableness. The family feels that Melly is an absolute treasure and would be beyond grateful to be able to call her their own.

When talking about his purpose in life and the role he is meant to fill, Bill will tell you it’s to be a father. Likewise, Raelynn is overjoyed by her role as a mother. She can’t think of anything better than the blessing of raising their children up in the way in which they should go. The family is so grateful to be on this path and marveling at the Lord’s hand leading them on this journey.

Bill and Raelynn have been married for 10 years, together for 14, and homeschool their children. They thank you for any support, whether it be prayer, financial, or encouragement.

6/21/2022 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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Benjamin and Danielle are high school sweethearts who are about to celebrate 12 years of marriage! They have four children; Oliver (6), Grayson (4), Owen (2) and Madelyn (3 months)!

Benjamin and Danielle started the journey to adopt when their firstborn was a year old but weren’t sure exactly what that would look like. Just days after they signed up for foster care orientation they found out they were pregnant with their second. They felt as though this was God telling them to wait. A couple of years later, they lost their third child through an ectopic pregnancy. This left a hole in their hearts and a longing to hold a child they never got to meet face-to-face. They decided that this was God’s way of leading them to pursue adopting again. They met a local foster care agency in their state but were told that the age range was too narrow (they wanted to keep birth order). This didn’t make sense to them as they were told of the high need of adoption in their state but they felt this was God’s way of saying to wait and to help support others who were in the process of adoption.

Another two years went by, and after the birth of their third son, Danielle came across a picture of a little boy on Reece’s Rainbow. They didn’t think they were going to pursue international adoption but Danielle felt a push to send the link to Benjamin anyway. After sending the link, Danielle prayed right then that if this boy was who they needed to bring home, Benjamin would know that right away and lead their family to him. As soon as Danielle spoke with Benjamin again, she asked him “Do we go get him?”. Without hesitation, Benjamin replied, “Someone needs to.” And in that moment, their pursuit of little “B” began.

Benjamin and Danielle have experienced some hardships and life changes in the process of getting “B”, including the unexpected loss of a job due to covid mandates and the need to move across country. With much joy, the adoption of their son was finalized overseas at the beginning of April! All that is left to do is to complete a homestudy update to get their travel dates! They are seeking to fundraise travel expenses- the last little bit before “B” is finally with his family!


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Meet the Hymas family! Curtis and Desiree married young 16 years ago and have never looked back! They knew they had something special and envisioned a simple life of love, sacrifice, faith and adventure. Five biological kids later, they recognized their passion for being parents, creating memories and raising a close-knit family with the same values.

One of Desiree’s most formative experiences growing up was having her aunt Vickie live with her family. Vickie had Down Syndrome and brought unconditional love and happiness everywhere she went. Over the years, Desiree spent time working with and befriending those with special needs—associations which have brought her increased meaning and joy as a mother. Upon learning that children with Down Syndrome are consigned to orphanages around the world, the Hymas family immediately felt the need to answer the call to open their home.

After many months of fasting, prayer and emotional experiences together, the Hymas family found a 3-year-old boy from Kyrgyzstan and felt an instant connection. After looking up Kyrgyzstan on a map, they found out it’s one of the most expensive countries for adoption. Already frustrated with the length of time international adoption requires and the amounts of money due up front, the Hymases are doing their part to act quickly to avoid unnecessary financial delays in bringing their new addition home.

It will require miracles and push the family way outside its comfort zone, so all the support received from family, friends and the global community of those desiring to make a difference is eternally appreciated!

5/26/2022 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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Meet Derek and Kristy! They have been dating for 23 years and married for 17 years! Derek and Kristy met online when they were just freshmen in high school. Kristy’s family had just purchased a brand-new computer, and the next day on October 9, 1999, she was connected to the internet for the very first time. Believe it or not, that was the day derek_guy15 met ladychick_1999 in a Yahoo! Chatroom. They dated all through high school, decided to attend the same community college, and got married in the summer of 2005. By 2012, they had completed grad school and started their careers.

Their journey to parenthood has been nothing short of a miracle. Despite two pregnancy losses and a cancer diagnosis that could have caused infertility, God has trusted Derek and Kristy with three amazing biological children. – Elise (9), Ava (6), and Cameron (2). There is nothing they love more than being their parents. Derek and Kristy believe every child deserves the unconditional love of a mother and the steadfast love of a father, and they have always known adoption would be a part of their story. In fact, while they were dating and talking about marriage and starting a family, adoption came up just as naturally and as frequently as having biological children.

Derek and Kristy believe that when God calls us to something, He equips us to fulfil His calling. They feel so much reverence and gratitude that their Heavenly Father continues to bless and equip their home with such peace and stability. With God’s grace and guidance, they are able to provide their children with security so that they feel safe and sound, and they are able to meet their basic needs: shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and protection from harm. They’re blessed to have a stable and strong marriage, to have a very rich relationship with their parents and grandparents, and to be a part of a loving church community that gives them all a sense of belonging, tradition, and cultural continuity. They also absolutely make sure their sweet children know that they will always love them. They certainly aren’t perfect parents, and they practice the art of sincere apologies and forgiveness daily, but they do have a loving and stable home and the desire to share this beautiful life with their children. Psalm 127:3-5 teaches that, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!” Furthermore, James 1:27 teaches that “religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” For Derek and Kristy, the Bible makes their calling quite clear. They are to love and take care of one another, and they are called to make sure that every child is taken care of and a part of a family. While they can’t adopt every orphan in the world, they can do for one what they wish they could do for millions.

Derek and Kristy are thrilled to be officially matched with a little boy in Eastern Europe with cystic fibrosis who will turn 8 this summer. The journey ahead for this precious boy is a long and difficult one. Cystic fibrosis is having a big impact on his lungs and liver. The truth is, a life of difficulty with cystic fibrosis is his reality whether or not he has a family. But, oh, what a difference a forever family will make for him. He is worthy of love and the best possible care. Glory be to God that this boy will soon have a mommy and a daddy and three siblings who will stick with him through thick and thin, making sure he has the best care possible and that he is loved immeasurably all the days of his life. Derek and Kristy ask you to prayerfully consider coming alongside them to bring their son home. Your donation is greatly needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your support.

7/1/2022 — FIRST TRIP in JULY

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Jim and Katya came from completely different worlds. Jim was born and raised in the Midwest and had rarely traveled. Katya is from Russia and loved to travel. She spent the summer of 1998 working at a bed and breakfast in the U.S. She returned to Russia in the fall of 1998 to complete her degree not sure if she would ever come back. But, in the summer of 2000 she got the chance to return to the U.S. and that’s where things got interesting.

Jim and Katya met while taking a class at a local university in 2001 and have been together ever since. They married in 2003 and have seven wonderful children ranging in age from 5 to 18. Their youngest son, Sammy, came home from Eastern Europe in July of 2020. Sammy is deaf and has cystic fibrosis. He had undergone two surgeries since coming home, doubled his weight, can now hear with the help of cochlear implants, and is learning to communicate both verbally and using ASL. He is energetic, loves dressing up, wrestling with his brothers, going shopping and riding the bus to school. He brings so much love, joy and laughter to the Bukowski household.

A year after Sammy’s adoption was complete, Katya fell in love with Vivian (who has a genetic syndrome and hearing loss) who just happens to be living in the same orphanage as Sammy. After experiencing the amazing transformation born of the love between Sammy and his six siblings, Jim and Katya knew that Vivian was meant to be part of this family.

Jim and Katya ask that you pray for their family’s adoption, and for the health of Vivian during this process and beyond. She desperately needs medical care that is inaccessible in her birth country. There are so many amazing and deserving families on Reece’s Rainbow, and nothing makes this particular family more worthy than any other. However, if you feel moved to help the Bukowski family financially, please know that they will be forever grateful. As in addition to high cost of international adoption, they do anticipate having high ongoing medical costs due to Vivian’s needs.

May God continue to bless the Reece’s Rainbow family!


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Vivian has also received a $2000 country-specific grant from Reece’s Rainbow.

Ryan and Jamie Noll have been married for nearly 20 years! They grew up in the same neighborhood, and dated for three years before a year-long engagement; he proposed on the infamous covered bridge in Frankenmuth, Michigan. They home school their five daughters and one son – Jadyn (16), Evalynn (14), Raieyn (11), Loushyn (9), Gwendelyn (5), and Gaebrielle (3). Ryan is the field supervisor for a pump company, and Jamie coaches roller skating. The family all pitches in with their small hobby “farm” of chickens, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, rabbits, cats, dogs, and horses, as well as a couple guinea pigs and lizards, and some turtles and fish.

The pregnancy of their sixth child was used to radically change the family’s life. After the baby cried and took her first breath, proving the expectations of most wrong, the family continued to be challenged. During one of the baby’s many hospitalizations, Jamie learned that children like her new daughter were sometimes abandoned in the local hospital due to complex medical needs. She knew then that special needs adoption would be a part of her family’s future; Ryan was not so sure.

Months after that particular hospitalization, a seven-week critical care stay for Gaebrielle, when the special needs adoption seed was planted for the Noll family, an orphan was placed on Jamie’s heart through one of her online support groups for moms of children with arthrogryposis. Since Ryan still was not ready, he agreed to pray for the child with Jamie. She appeared to age out of eligibility, which caused Jamie to grieve heavily. The grieving was used to connect her with people in the Reece’s Rainbow community, where she discovered another family who was ready to adopt the child who had appeared to age out. Then, another child was placed on her heart. Ryan still was not ready so they prayed.

In December 2021, Ryan finally said they could take the next step toward a child in India. Jamie was delighted, again, at God’s provision, and started the process immediately. Because the Noll’s have a “large” family, their agency suggested they wait until another family with similar familial circumstances get to the next step before the Noll’s officially started. Four weeks later, they were given the go ahead. They wasted no time during those four weeks, having already begun the paperwork for their home study, which is nearing completion. They also submitted the first set of documents for their international agency, as well the first fee to accompany it. They are currently working toward CARA registration.

The entire Noll family has been involved in the adoption, as well as their loved ones and community — fundraisers, donations, notarizations, flexibility in appointments, and PRAYERS. They are looking forward to bringing home a new daughter who will make their only son the official middle child.

3/31/2022 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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Megan and Jacob Zars have been together for ten years and have two children, Otto (5yo) and Caspian (4yo). They are currently waiting to bring home a little girl from India, age 1, with Down syndrome. The Zars family has been in the process to adopt since 2019, originally pursuing a China adoption but switching to India in 2021. They have talked about adding a “baby sister” to the family for a long time and the ball officially got rolling after they experienced a miscarriage of their third son, in early 2019.

For years the Zars family knew that Down syndrome adoption was a possibility and as they looked into international vs. domestic adoption, the choice came more clear. Learning of the number of children with Down syndrome left in orphanages all over the world, they felt reassured that that was the right direction for their family. “We’ve seen her face and heard her giggle. We just can’t believe that she will be part of our family! Our boys think she is the cutest and we couldn’t agree more!” shared Megan.

The Zars family enjoys exploring nature, growing a backyard garden, doing art together, and so much more. They love to spend time with their extended family and take trips together. Family is very important to the Zars family and they are grateful to have their support as they pursue adoption!

This process has been a long one but they wouldn’t have it any other way as it has led them to their sweet daughter! Thank you for supporting our family along the way.

2/16/2022 — DOSSIER EN ROUTE

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Meet the Bryant family! Jeremy (40), Patricia (39), Justice (16), Chance (15), Liberty (14), Journey (13), Victory (8). The Bryant family is at it again! Since Jeremy and Patricia were married 18yrs ago, they knew they were meant to adopt. They knew their lives were going to be used to care for orphans. Jeremy and Patricia served in Botswana, Africa as missionaries working in the village of Maun and surrounding areas, serving with the school, the orphan care, church, HIV/Aids ministry, etc. Shortly after arriving, they started their family. After three years there, they returned to the States with their three bio kids, where Jeremy would join the US Army as an active-duty Soldier, and is currently still serving on active duty.

Shortly after his first deployment, both Jeremy and Patricia knew the time had come for them to venture into adoption. Not knowing how, when, where, or anything else, they trusted the Lord would show them what needed to happen and when. The adoption road is a scary road full of ups and downs and twists and turns. But Jeremy and Patricia knew for certain one thing… the Lord had called them to go and adopt. They were saying yes to the Lord’s leading and not backing down. December of 2017, Jeremy and Patricia adopted their 8-year-old daughter, Victory. Then, shortly afterwards, December 2019, they finished their second adoption of their oldest son, Chance Zane. Over the last two years, even through Covid, they’ve watched all 5 of their children blossom into who the Lord wants them to be. They’ve grown in wisdom, knowledge and skill and have grown so deeply together through all the ups and downs.

When they finished that last adoption, they didn’t think they’d be adopting again, but obviously the Lord has different plans and the Bryants, as a family, are all emphatically saying yes one more time to adoption! The adoption of Finley! The really neat part of this is that Jeremy and Patricia Bryant met Finley the same day that they met Victory, 4.5 years ago. At that time, they were in the same baby house orphanage. Since then, they had advocated for him, prayed for him and shared his story with many people. But the time has come. No more waiting and advocating. Finley has been a part of the Bryants in their hearts since the day they met him and it’s time to make him a part of their lives for good. The Bryant family is so excited to gain another son.


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Hello! We are the Garrett Family.  Last year, the Lord called us to Eastern Europe to adopt a beautiful little girl who has Down syndrome. She has been such a joy & an unspeakable blessing to our family. We are again working toward the adoption of not one, but TWO sweet girls from Eastern Europe. Both girls have special needs – Down syndrome & Cerebral Palsy. And we need your help to bring them home safely.

Last year, we were so richly blessed by our community as they rallied around us & helped support us through prayers, fundraisers, and financial donations. We couldn’t have gotten her home without the generosity & love of our tribe. Will you please come alongside use again as we work to make another beautiful image bearer a daughter – an orphan no more!

1/20/2022 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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Jim and Emily were married 10 years ago and knew that adoption would play a big role in growing their family. At the age of 16, Emily traveled to Thailand on a mission trip where she visited an orphanage. Her experience there broke her heart and changed the course of her life. Upon meeting Jim, she immediately brought up adoption and her heart for adopting. Though Jim had never thought about adoption as a way of growing his family, he absolutely was open to it.

In their first year of marriage, they started their home study in hopes of adopting from Uganda. After being married for just a little over a year, they moved over to Uganda to complete the adoption process. They spent 13 months in Uganda and in September of 2014 they came home with their daughter, Evelyn (1 year) and son, Aven (6 years). At the end of their time in Uganda, they found out that Evelyn and Aven had an older biological brother, Jensen (10 years), and they started the adoption process all over again to bring him home.

While working through the adoption process for Jensen, Emily met Brian (15 years) at the local school she worked at. He was in foster care and began spending time with their family. He moved in full-time in August of 2015. Soon after, in November of 2015, Jensen (10 years) came home from Uganda. In November of 2016, the adoption of all four of their children was finalized at court surrounded by family and friends.

Shortly after finalizing the adoption of their four, they saw the profile of a little boy with special needs in Uganda. They began advocating for him and it didn’t take long for them to realize he was meant to be their son. On Valentine’s Day in 2017, the adoption of Ezekiel (age 6) was finalized, and he came home in June of 2017.

In 2018, Emily learned she was pregnant, and they welcomed their sixth child, Lincoln, in June of 2019. The children continued to grow and thrive and in April of 2020, they learned they were expecting again. In January 2021, Hyler was born.

Jim and Emily have always known they wanted to adopt again, and they wholeheartedly believe that children belong in families. They are hoping to adopt two beautiful little girls — one little girl with Down Syndrome and one with Cerebral Palsy. These two girls will be unconditionally loved and surrounded by a BIG family. Jim and Emily are incredibly appreciative of the support shown to their family as they start the adoption process again. Beyond financial support, they believe in the power of prayer and ask that you pray for them, their children and their two newest additions as they wait. They have seen God work miracles in the lives of their children, and they cannot wait to watch their new girls become loved & cherished members of their family.

1/12/2022 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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