These are the families who have taken a leap of faith and committed to adopt one or more of our orphaned children most recently.

We are thrilled to have them, and so grateful for this life-saving step to rescue our angels!
Your continued financial support will give them the strength and courage to continue this journey!


Robbie and Meagan’s hearts were broken after learning that over 1,000 special needs children were ready and waiting to find their forever families in India. They brought home their first daughter in Dec 2019 and became advocates for adoption, especially adoption of special needs children.

About 9 months after Nivi joined the Hart family, they began the process of applying to adopt a second child. While applying, they saw a Facebook post about a young girl from the same state as their first daughter, who had similar physical needs. Due to licensing, she was aging out of her orphanage at the young age of 6. So many people advocated for her to be moved to a new home so she would be able to find her forever family. The Harts held on to her loosely as they completed filing their paperwork, thinking someone would surely snatch up such a beautiful young girl.

In many steps that feel miraculous, the Harts have been able to reserve Lucy (name changed for security), and they are hoping to bring her home in December of this year. Lucy is 7 years old, and she really wants to do something with her life. Would you consider helping the Harts bring Lucy home?


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Seven years ago, God gave the Busler family a vision that included adoption and special needs. That vision and God’s continued help and guidance took the family on an emotional, spiritual, and geographical journey to Armenia to ultimately adopt one child and begin the process for a second.

While in the process of adopting Mikko, their first adopted son, in December 2017, Valerie and Forrest Busler noticed a sprite of a little guy at Mikko’s orphanage who seemed to have a big heart. God kept the second boy in the Buslers’ hearts, and when they felt that Mikko was stably integrated into the family, the Buslers initiated the adoption process to pursue the boy they had met at the orphanage. After months of work and waiting and an added year-long delay due to the pandemic, in April 2021, the Buslers returned to Armenia for the first of two trips to add to their family.

The first official visit with the Buslers’ soon-to-be adopted second son was a joyful experience, and the director of the orphanage extended an invitation to bring Mikko to the orphanage to meet his future brother. On the same day that papers of intent to adopt were signed, the Busler family said goodbye to their soon-to-be son and now will wait three to six months to be invited to return to Armenia to make the young boy part of their forever home.


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The Busler family also received a $5000 Older Child Grant for their new son!

Matt and Jessica are excited to be working on their third international special needs adoption, this time from India!

Matt and Jessica have been married almost 10 years and adoption has always been part of their plans. Matt and Jessica knew that God was calling them to adopt. They chose to add to their family only through adoption, and felt that special needs adoption would suit them well as a special education teacher and a pediatric nurse. They began actively looking into the international adoption process in 2015, that is when they fell in love with Li-Ru through the website Rainbow Kids. Their journey to her began! 9 months later, they were in Taiwan to bring their almost 3 year old home!

About a year after Li-Ru’s arrival, Matt and Jessica were ready to journey back to Taiwan again. This time Xin-Jou would become Li-Ru’s older sister. Li-Ru (10 years old) and Xin-Jou (13 years old) are adopted from Taiwan in 2014 and 2016 respectively. It has been amazing to watch the girls grow and blossom into the wonderful young ladies they are today. They have overcome so many obstacles and challenges in their lives. It’s a blessing to have God weave the girls into the Hughes Family.

Matt and Jessica devote their time to helping the girls achieve their goals and be close as a family. Matthew continues to work as a pediatric nurse and Jessica stays home with the girls to care for Li-Ru and Xin-Jou’s educational, medical, developmental, and emotional needs.

Now that everyone currently in the home is feeling secure they know it is time to bring home the third little girl that God has waiting for them across the ocean! They are so amazed at how God has placed people in their lives during this third journey so far and know that amazing things are going to happen! They are working hard to get to their girl as quickly as possible!


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Hello we are Kurt and Cyndi Petrich. We have been married six years. We have seven beautiful children, four biological children and three children God gave us through His glorious plan of adoption. We were both widowed late in life. The Lord brought us together when we both said, “yes” to a mission trip to serve special needs orphans in Eastern Europe. We met on the mission field. We fell in love with each other and the precious forgotten children. We came home from our missions’ trip, were married and have been serving these children ever since.

While on an extended missions’ trip we met a beautiful brown eyed little girl, who stole our hearts. God placed our sweet Dasha in our family in 2018. Upon our arrival home, our daughter started to pray every night in her native language, “Praise God, My God, please bring my best friend home.” Night after night she would pray the same prayer over and over again. We knew immediately God was calling us to grow our family once again. During this time, we learned about a sibling to this child. We were thrilled to find both girls on the Reece’s Rainbow list of available children. We prayed again fervently. Once again, God lead us to say, “Yes” to both children. He is mighty and He brought the girls home in October 2020. Dasha has been home for three years and her new sisters Tanya and Veronica almost a year and the transformation we have witnessed has been nothing short of a miracle. They are loved and they know how to love.

Recently we saw a beautiful little girl who moved our hearts to pray once again, “God can we be her parents?” We believe the Lord has given us a resounding yes! We wholeheartedly believe God’s Word that says, Psalm 68: 5-6 “God sets the lonely in families.” We openly admit and profess adoption has deepened our faith and understanding of God’s deep love and affection for his children. We watched God do the miraculous during the journey of adoption with Dasha, Tanya and Veronica.

He shows us again, and again that He is faithful. Our prayer is that hearts would be moved to help us bring these girls home. Hebrews 10:23, “Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for HE who promised is faithful.


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We are Brice and Amanda Wurdeman and have been married for 16 years. We have six biological children: Naiyah age 15, Beckett age 12, Paxson age 10, Kensington age 5, Greeley age 3, and Rusk age 1. For the past fourteen years our family served as missionaries overseas. We were honored to live above an orphanage loving on the babies and also seeing families brought together through adoption. We believe we watched God work miracles in the lives of children and families.

This past year we relocated back to our home country of the United States and are once again surrounded by grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. We were gifted in part a new home and Brice became the Director of the Missions Department at the local Christian college. This made us want to open our home to more people in some way. Also, last year, our 6th little one was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome. He has opened our eyes to even more joy and wonder. We prayed and contacted the country we had served as missionaries in, but they told us it would likely be years – if ever – for a boy to be put up for adoption that also had special needs there, since they were such a small country.

Then, a few months ago, God working ahead, we were contacted from a country we had formerly served in to see if we would adopt a little guy also with Down syndrome they knew about who was just a week younger than our new little guy. We knew right away he was a perfect fit for our family. We were matched, completed our homestudy, and are now finishing the paperwork that should allow us to bring him home in May or June of 2022.

We have always seen God supply our needs, so we know as He directs this, He will work out the adoption costs. We believe that the total cost of the adoption will be a little over $29,000. To date, we have already paid $11,000 and together with our kids, we are working on fundraisers to raise and save as much as we can. We are hopeful to raise at least 1/3 of what we need via grants. Thank you very much.


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Chris and Melina Birkenfeld were longtime friends before they started dating the summer before her senior year.  It didn’t take long for each of them to realize that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  Although Melina was young (just about to turn 19) when they got married, she was the oldest and only girl in her family of five children and she knew she was ready to get married and start a family. Chris was also from a big family of eight children. Both Chris and Melina knew that they wanted to have at least four children.  A couple of months after they got married, they were excited to find out that they were expecting.  Ten months later, Ella was born. When Melina was seven months pregnant with her second child Ian, the couple found out that Ella had a genetic condition called Angelman syndrome. There were so many unknowns for this young couple, but they devoted their time to making sure Ella received the therapies and things she needed to thrive.  About four years after the diagnosis, Chris and Melina talked about adding more children to their family. It didn’t take long, and Bensen, Liberty, and Lila were born into the family.

In July of 2020 Melina was browsing through Facebook and saw a fundraiser for a little girl with Angelman Syndrome. When she finally took the time to click on the link to see the little girl, it was like God was calling Melina to her! Long story short, the family was all on board to adopt this little one and on April 13th, 2021 Yaroslava (Yara) Faith Birkenfeld joined their family!

While compiling their dossier paperwork for Yara’s adoption, Melina fell in love with a special little boy! Originally, the couple had been approved for two but they had to be siblings. After Yara’s adoption Melina thought the adoption doors were closed as fundraising was a challenge the first time and so was the time it took to get a completed dossier.  God had other plans, and doors were opened for the couple to adopt this sweet little boy! Once again, Chris thought Melina was crazy lol! However he prayed and pondered and soon he was on board!

They have been amazed to see how much Yara has thrived with a family, and can’t wait to give this little boy the life he deserves! He will have parents and six siblings who will love him unconditionally!! They are extremely grateful for any help that is given to them as they work their hardest to get their little man home!! Much love and God Bless

8/28/2021 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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Mandy and Thomas have been married for fifteen years, together for twenty, and have always been overflowing with love and enthusiasm for life and excited to thoughtfully grow their family. Parents to two biological sons, they’d always wished to add a third child to their family. Adoption had been something they have talked about since meeting as teenagers, but they hadn’t been certain when the time would be right.

In 2020, Mandy and Thomas felt the pieces of life fall into place; they found and moved into their forever home, the boys were past the toddler stage and begging for a sibling, and the family was ready to seriously explore adoption. They found an incredible adoption agency and through them learned more about Eastern Europe and the need for adoption there. They had assumed they would take a traditional route to be matched and that the process might take years, but while working through the required documentation, they saw Tippi’s profile posted on their agency’s waiting child list. They felt an instant connection (it is truly impossible not to fall in love when you see her beautiful little face) and they immediately felt called to be her family. Even though the odds were against them this early in the process, they moved forward applying. Exactly a month later on Thomas’s birthday, they received confirmation that they had been matched!

“Looking at her photos and videos, we are struck by her determination, inquisitiveness, and sweet demeanor. We are in awe of her resilience, strength, and abilities after such a hard medical start to life. We talk regularly with our boys about growing our family, and both love the idea of having a little sister to dote on and teach. Our strong family bond means Tippi will be welcomed with open arms and hearts by us – her parents, brothers and community, whatever her long-term needs may be. We are so grateful for your support and love, and hope you’ll follow along on our adoption journey to bring our daughter home.”

8/18/2021 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

You can follow along on the Sheffer family’s blog:

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Hello, we are Tony and Sarah Witbrod. We have six amazing children and have always planned to have adoption as part of our story. We met in college in 1999 and were married in 2006. Shortly after we were married, we accepted our referral for our daughter in Guatemala.

It was a long but amazing journey which included us moving to Guatemala and living there for the last three months of her adoption to make sure she was healthy and safe. Start to finish, it took nearly 18 months until we were able to bring our daughter home. We realized how long an adoption could take, so we started our next adoption as one of the pilot families in the Congo just a couple years later. We were luckily to bring home two children who are now 11 and 10 years old and are doing amazing after such a rough start to life. However, we had four of our babies pass away and two who are still there in the DRC, never coming home. From that anguish, Sarah started Wren’s Song in 2010 to help provide care for orphans in the Congo that we are still active with today.

Sarah has been following Eastern European advocacy sites since 2017 when her father was put on life support and she wanted to make a difference for the children who were in similar difficult situations. It’s been weighing on her heart and we feel called by God to be moved to action. We know if God calls you to do something, that he will show you the way. We are so grateful for sites like Reece’s Rainbow and for all those who donate to help those adopt.

We added three more biological children to our family in the years after the Congo. We love our six children and all the amazing memories that come from our day to day life. We have many adventures and are blessed to be going back into the adoption journey to add another child to our family.


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Adoption of a child with special needs has been on my heart for over 15 years. After reading an article about Reece’s Rainbow and how kids were dying every day in other countries, simply because they had Down’s Syndrome, I was convinced that adoption was the plan for me. I struggled to understand how it could be that kids who were so loving and kind to others could just be tossed aside and left. It pierced my heart from that day on, but my husband was simply never on the same page as me. For years, I mourned the loss of a dream that I thought God had for me, and tried to understand why it didn’t happen.

Fast forward a few years, and now is the time!! My life has had some big changes and our family is finally ready to welcome a new sibling! This child is so loved already, and will be joining our crazy, fun hectic home with a big brother and 2 big sisters who are beyond excited to have a little one back in the house! We are absolutely thrilled to be in process, and can’t wait to meet our newest addition!

8/17/2021 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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Our journey in life together has been a blend of hardship and blessing, a beautiful testimony of God’s grace, love, and power. Proverbs 24:16 says: “for though the righteous fall seven times, they will rise again.” This has been our story; one of heartache and sickness, but also one of redemption and finding our ability to rise again. God has picked us up and molded us over and over as we have been obedient to His plans.

We have been married for almost 15 years now, and have fought to build our home on a solid foundation of love: Christ’s love for us as He helps us to love each other. A foundation that then spills over into love and nurture for our children. We feel so grateful that God has blessed us in so many ways. We may not have an abundance of money but in Christ we have become rich; rich with His love and mercy that He has so graciously given to us over and over again. It is this generous love that we desire to give to others.

The heart to adopt came to us over 15 years ago when we lived in uncertainty of being able to have our own children. I (Alicia) had some issues with getting pregnant and for a time, struggled to conceive. God’s plan did, in time, bless us with 2 amazing kids of our own. Joshua is 13 and Grace is age 10.

In June of 2019, a dream of mine (Alicia) came true. Financially I was fully supported to travel to Jamaica and serve at an orphanage there. I was so amazed at the support that my friends and family gave me. I was worried that we could not financially afford this trip. But of course God provided a way, like he always does, if we trust in him!

It was in Jamaica that I met an amazing girl named Abby. Abby is now 15 and since April 26th 2021 she is “our” little girl! We are just finalizing some more paperwork and making the finishing touches on her new room! (We have to show her every zoom call because she loves to see her room!) But as our eyes met that very 1st day, something inside of me burned with such love for this little girl. Abby is not without her own struggles as she has Down syndrome. I have always had a special place in my heart for kids with special needs, but especially those with Down syndrome. I love my job working with children with disabilities. It became evident to me, as well as our team members, that there was a strong connection between Abby and I. Abby would hang onto me, lean her head back and bury herself against my shoulder. You could just feel her body relax as she found comfort in my affection returned back to her.

As I traveled home, I continued to pray, asking God to speak to my heart and my husband’s heart about “My Abby.” And again, God did what God does best. He worked and moved in Jon’s heart. As God worked and moved in Jon’s heart, He also reached our two kids, growing inside them a desire to help and to make a difference. It is a shared desire we ALL now have, to be obedient to what the Lord is calling our family to do: to turn “My Abby” into “Our Abby.” So, we say ‘Yes’ to the call that God put on my heart while serving in Jamaica. We say ‘Yes’ to the day to day steps that He will lead us to and through. We say ‘Yes’ to keep on the long journey of overseas adoption. We say ‘Yes’ to having faith bigger than our fears and worries. We say ‘Yes’ to a forever ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ to bringing Abby home.

Now we are on the final steps! After a long 2 year journey. We are just awaiting the letter for Abby’s visa hearing appointment. It is likely that we will be traveling in September!


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When Robert and I realized God was calling us to step out in faith to adopt, He had already provided her for us. She was 15yrs old at the time, an advocate was trying to find her a family she so desperately wanted. By this time He had already placed her photo, and story in our path. Once we realized that God had chosen US to be the family she wanted and needed. Surprised, and kinda in shock you might say. However we will do anything our Father wants us to do. Although unprepared financially, we said YES God, however you are fully aware of our finances, but you know the end from the beginning, and are able to do all we can ask or even imagine!

Here’s a little back story on us. We have 6 adult children, and 5 grandchildren from previous marriages. We are in our 50’s, bought land, and Robert is building us a house in the country. This is where we thought our lives were headed. Savings depleted from building the house little by little without a loan. We do not want a mortgage. Adoption wasn’t a part of this “plan”, well not ours! Even though our world has flip flopped God is so good to us! There’s millions of others better fit to adopt, but He chose US for HER.

He is amazing, and yet has a sense of humor. She had 1 month until her 16th birthday. What?! Yes, we had to act quickly. No time to save money, look into resources etc… Praying, we made it! Now we immediately started fundraising! I started Hot Cocoa bombs making/selling them, started a gofundme, a tshirt and Gobena coffee immediately, and still continue them regularly. Currently, I have a Facebook fundraising group: Moving Mountains fundraising that brings a steady flow in, however small amounts. Gobena coffee has never stopped, and a puzzle going on now. We have recently had Connected Hearts Ministry join our fundraising efforts with a crowd fund, and adoption board. These have been the most successful thus far. We currently have $9802 in our account with them.

How would financial assistance help us? It will make us a family. It will give her love unending, unconditional, and opportunities she otherwise wouldn’t have. A bigger question: What if we were not to get assistance needed? The thought makes me ill, I have to believe God would not let us be so attached to her, and she to us. The bond we have even without touch, hugs, or that one on one contact gives you, its absolutely incredible. To love a child you’ve never met before, yet you’d lay your life down for her.


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Our family has set out on the journey of adoption. We are so honored and blessed by this chapter in our lives.

We have watched as many families have said yes and have brought so many beautiful children out of orphanages into loving homes. We are so thankful we have the opportunity to provide a home for a waiting child. We are adopting from a non-Hague country and we understand we have no legal hold on the children there.

Please pray for our family as we continue through the adoption process. We are so thankful for those who donate to our adoption and will forever be thankful that your generosity was a precious gift that helped is bring a child home.


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Hi everyone, we are Candy and Adam Travis from Alabama.

Adam and I met through a mutual friend, and we are now about to be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary!! We have four biological adult children, and a precious three year old little girl that we are in the final stages of adopting domestically.

We feel so blessed and honored to be called to adoption. God started speaking to our hearts about foster care and adoption in 2017 and that ultimately led us to bringing home our little angel from the NICU in May of 2018. But God wasn’t finished yet! He started speaking to us again, and led us to the most precious little boy with the sweetest smile, who also happens to be rockin’ that extra chromosome! We submitted Letter of Intent for “Benson” on 3/31/21 and received PA on 7/16/21. All I can say is God is So Good, and we CANNOT WAIT to bring our little boy home!!!!


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Hello! We are Daniel and Markie Baird and have two precious daughters – Aslyn who is 3 and Brooklyn who will be 2 in October. Come along with us on an incredible journey of faith as we work to bring our third daughter home from Eastern Europe.

Our adoption journey begins with an Instagram post that Markie saw in February of 2020. That child was an 8 year old (at the time) whose alias name was one that she and Daniel had already picked out to name a future daughter. When Markie saw the pictures, the whole world stopped. She looked like she belonged in our family! Markie showed Daniel the post and he thought she was adorable and agreed that she definitely looked like a Baird. They had always talked about adoption and agreed that one day they would adopt but for Daniel this just didn’t feel like the right time.

After several months of praying, Markie shared her desires with Daniel and he realized that this may be something that he too would need to pray through to decide. They reached out to trusted friends and spiritual mentors to help them try to discern the Lord’s call on their lives. This felt like a weighted decision because life as they knew it would change drastically for them and their family. Markie and Daniel work as houseparents at a residential counseling center, working with teens and their families. They help navigate crisis and lead families to healing through the grace of our Lord. Pursuing adoption would mean that their ministry would change and they may not be able to house parent alongside adoption. Through months of heart searching, praying and seeking they decided together that they would pursue this beautiful work of adoption – trusting that if God was leading them to adopt, that He would open the doors necessary to bring it to completion. Little did they know that God was going to show His faithfulness and His heart for the fatherless in radical ways.

When presented with the choice to remain as house parents or pursue adoption, Daniel and Markie chose to pursue the adoption and leave their jobs, which also meant leaving their home. Though there was no guarantee of jobs, housing or even being able to continue with the adoption, they were confident that they had been called to this and that God would see them through it. Daniel was offered a job in tech almost immediately and despite a limited budget and a very competitive housing market, they also found a house.

God is paving the way and the transitions are full of excitement and expectancy. Thank you for joining us, your support and prayers are another example of God’s faithfulness in our family. We are humbled by this community and deeply grateful. We would love for you to share our story and follow along on our blog as this story continues to unfold.


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