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Leo new croppedBoy, born in April 2008
spinal condition

Listed: April 2015

Leo is a bright handsome boy and his development is on par with his peers. In his report from when he was five he was doing everything any child that age would do, knew his colors, could tell stories, could explain how things work, had learned to count and could do addition and subtraction. He’s described as outgoing and actively involved in running, jumping and climbing with the others in their outdoors games. Sometimes he’s selected to be the teacher’s helper in his class at school, and he’s well-liked by the aunties at the institution and by his classmates. Indoors, he likes to chill with his buddies watching cartoons. He’s been diagnosed with a spinal condition but hasn’t had surgery and doesn’t take medication for it, although it needs some management. It’s reported that he especially enjoys being helpful to others.

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