Brandon Video Still March 2016 - March 2016Brandon Photo 1 Oct-2014Brandon Photo 5 rec. 1-22-13 (cropped)-croppedBoy, Born July 2000


Brandon was born in July of 2000.  He has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.   He is described as calm, smiley, active, and friendly.  He likes toys, especially blocks.   He likes to show what he has built with blocks and is very proud with himself.   He does not pronounce words clearly, but most people are able to understand what he was saying.   He is able to understand what is being said to him, as well as perform simple tasks. He recognizes some items and knows the colors.   He is described as “a very sweet boy”.

Update March 2016: Brandon is a pleasant teen who attends school.  He participates in conversations, including answering questions and responding to greetings.  He even tries to recite poetry though his speech is not always clear.  Brandon ages out this summer and needs to find his family very quickly.

Photos, video and a report are available from the agency upon request.

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