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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Ethan Oct 2013 (3)Ethan 2013Boy, born November 1999


Pics from 2013 – he wants to be adopted! 


Ethan is in the same orphanage with several other available children. Interested and approved families could adopt multiple children together.


From a family who met him in Nov. & Dec. 2013:
Ethan is older than our daughter and so wasn’t in her group. However, he clearly enjoys interacting with the younger kids, and he came into her group room at least two or three evenings each week to play-wrestle and to play games/video games with the younger kids. We met him our first weekend with our daughter, when Ethan came outside for about 2 hours on Saturday to play with the younger kids. He impressed me immensely in that short amount of time. He was gentle and kind with them, laughing and joking. Not once did he display any mean or bullying behavior, which some of the other older boys did. He was very respectful and polite to my husband and me, as well as toward the teachers. That behavior continued every time we saw him for the next six weeks. He especially likes play wrestling with the younger boys, although he is always very gentle with them. Many times he would be play wrestling with one of the younger, much smaller boys, and I’d see him get to a position where he could have easily taken the play too far and hurt the younger boy, but not once did he do so. He always gently set down the younger boy with a big smile. As a result, he is a favorite with the younger boys. He’s also a bit goofy, in an understated way. For example, he likes to wear silly clothing combinations just to get a reaction from the other children. Once he was walking around with his skinny jeans rolled up his legs to look like shorts, but with huge gigantic cuffs. The other kids thought it was hilarious! Ethan told our daughter how much he wants a family. He will be a huge blessing and a wonderful addition to the family that chooses him.

$423.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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