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updated yvonne2YvonneYvonne-ChinaGirl, born July 2005
Down syndrome

Listed: May 1, 2013


Yvonne is a polite and friendly girl. “She likes to be tidy and beautiful,” said a visiting social worker. “So many times I saw her combing her hair.”

For the past year, Yvonne has lived in a group home in Hebei, China, where she gets to experience family life in the care of a foster mother and father. Although Yvonne has Down syndrome, she is described as “high functioning” for her condition. In the group home, she has taken on a big sister role and often helps her foster mom care for the younger children. Now 8 years old, she can read over 50 Chinese characters and count and write from 1 to 10.

Yvonne loves to perform and has natural grace. She was chosen to be the dance leader at her orphanage preschool. When she completes a project, she loves sharing it with her foster mom, and basking in her praise. Although she can be stubborn at times, Yvonne mostly listens and follows directions well.

Update Oct 2014:
Yvonne is outgoing and sensible. In her foster family, she is like an elder sister who takes care of her younger siblings. Whenever there are conflics between her siblings, she will do mediation for them. She acts like a little judge who is amiable but dignified. Therefore, her siblings all have faith in her. Yvonne loved on all the kids at the SWI too. She tucked them all in and told the visitors all about them.

Yvonne is also a good assistant of her parents in the foster family. When her foster parents are cooking, she always helps them with trimming vegetables, washing dishes or sweeping the floor. She does all these things as good as an adult. When her foster parents need to go out, she can take good care of her siblings so that let her parents don’t need to worry about them. She does so many things that her parents always praise her and love her so much.

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