LiamBoy, born January 2011
Congenital Heart Defect / delays

Liam is a precious 2 year old boy with a very interesting congenital condition, dextrocardia.  His heart is pointed to the right side of his chest, instead of to the left. His liver is also on the left side. (Liam has the more common type that also includes issues with his heart; we have a report in his file.) His heart condition has affected his development; his motor skills and speech are delayed. As of last August, he was sitting up, and could crawl in his bed, but was not pulling up to stand.

Liam really needs to have surgery on his heart so he will have the ability to do everything his peers are able to do! He is a very curious little boy, who takes in all that is happening around him. A smart little guy, for sure! Liam would love to have someone read to him. This little one needs a very special family who will help him get the surgery he needs…so he can become a strong little boy who can run, jump and play with his friends!

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