Becky (1)Girl, born Sept. 2003Becky (2)
cognitive delays

Listed October 29, 2015

Becky is a pretty girl who is known for her sweet nature. She is 12 years old, and has been in care since she was a baby. Becky has lived in the same foster family for many years. Becky’s right leg is about 1cm shorter than her left, which causes her to walk with a slight limp. She has delays in her language, and cognitive skills. Becky is unable to retain much of what she is taught. She can follow directions, and is a big help around the house where she completes her chores quite happily. Becky responds to questions with a one word reply. She seldom uses two words together. Becky loves music, and loves to dance! She also enjoys watching cartoons. It is difficult to say if Becky will be able to live independently as an adult, but with the love and support of a family of her own, she will surely reach her full potential.

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