Brett #

Boy, Age: 9
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Mental delays
Listed: Jul 2020
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Brett lived with a foster family from birth to age 4. He did not attend preschool or receive any interventions during that time. The family was not experienced in how to work with him. He was placed in a small group home at 4 years old. He has thrived in this setting. He has learned many new skills and continues to make improvements in all aspects of his development. He communicates using words and simple sentences. He understands everything said to him and can answer basic questions. He takes care of all his personal hygiene independently (brushes his own teeth, hair, dresses/undresses himself, is toilet trained, etc). He can count to 10, recognize colors and shapes, work puzzles, say his name and age, and also say the names of the other children living in the home. The staff at the group home believe that his mental delays are mild and state that this is because he made such rapid progress once he was placed in the group home and began receiving instruction. The foster family had reported behavior issues, mainly an inability to concentrate. The staff reports no behavior problems and stated that he just needed attention and appropriate instruction. They describe him as very affectionate.