Reece’s Rainbow is an excellent resource for your special needs adoption fundraising efforts, but there are MANY other grant funds and organizations out there who provide grant funding for our families.  Some are income-based, some are Christian-based, and some have other criteria.  Below is a list of grant agencies we are aware of.  It is not a complete list by any means.  If you know of one not listed here, please share it with me so I can post it for others.  And remember, families can be eligible for and receive multiple grants!!  Apply everywhere! (once your home study is complete and approved)

Lifesong for Orphans Oxford Adoption Loan
Help Us Adopt  The ABBA Fund
  Show Hope  Katelyn’s Fund
 Gift of Adoption Pathways for Little Feet
zero interest adoption loans, at a max of $7500
Here I Am Orphan Ministries
A Child Waits


Dave Thomas Foundation

4288 West Dublin- Granville Road
Dublin, OH 43017


Phone: 800-275-3832

17 grant listings that the Dave Thomas foundation for adoption supports.



Scott Rosenow
P.O. Box 773
West Chester, OH 45071

Phone: 513-844-8873


The Shepherd’s Crook provides financial assistance to families who adopt any of the waiting children listed on their web site. The Shepherd’s Crook is not an adoption agency and does not endorse any particular adoption agency, but works to make people aware of the waiting children around the world. $15 Application fee.


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