Boy, Age: 9
Country Code: LA-4
Primary Diagnosis: Blind / VI, Cerebral palsy
Microcephaly, Cerebral palsy, Optic Nerve Atrophy
Listed: Sep 2023
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Woodrow can sit up independently and will sometimes kneel as well. He occasionally bears weight on his feet, but cannot put his feet completely flat and because his ankles are so tight. He would need surgery before being able to do so. Woodrow doesn’t really scoot or crawl, but he can still make his way across a room by rolling and wiggling.

Woodrow loves to eat and gets quite upset if meal time is late. He doesn’t self feed, but eats pureed food by mouth. It can be a messy affair, but he is quite satisfied when he is done. Woodrow drinks some with a sippy cup or water bottle, but also likes to drink from a regular cup if he is feeling particularly thirsty.

Woodrow is not a fan of bath time and tends to move around a lot as he tries to keep his caregiver from bathing him, particularly his face and head. He is very picky about people touching his head – sometimes he likes a good head massage and other times he will duck away from anyone who tries to touch his head at all. He also does not like anyone touching his face, especially to try and wipe it off after a meal or to brush his teeth. The one exception he sometimes makes is for his caregiver to kiss his cheeks and neck, which he occasionally greets with a big smile.

In the past, Woodrow would often cry and thrash inconsolably for long periods at a time no matter what his caregivers tried. Some changes with medications have helped him drastically. He still does not sleep on a regular schedule, but if he’s awake during the night, he is generally calm, sometimes quiet and sometimes “talking” with his little noises.

Woodrow really likes his feet and will often clap them together. He also uses his feet to protect his head which he hits repeatedly for sensory input. Woodrow does not do a lot of purposeful movement with his hands, but often wrings them.

Woodrow goes to physical therapy and attends a special education class every day. He likes to be pushed around in his wheelchair and enjoys going in the swing.

Woodrow is a ticklish guy and will often reward tickles with a smile. While he is not generally a cuddler, he sometimes enjoys being held and cuddled and will lean in to relax.

Progress with Woodrow has been slow, but he is learning and responding. We continue to pray that he would know that he is safe, loved and treasured. We also pray that a brave and bold family would step forward to pursue his adoption. He is worth it.