Boy, Age: 13
Country Code: EE-2
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Listed: May 2021
has been donated towards the cost of my adoption, including $175.00 from MACC donations!

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He lives at the orphanage since 2016. Normal weight and height parameters. Psychomotor development is normal. He is the victim of parental physical abuse and suffers from post-traumatic past. He is under the care of psychiatrist and take medication. No medical diagnoses in his chart, but trauma. You could tell that he is emotionally somewhat fragile.

He is communicative, talkative and charming boy. Positive relationship with peers and adults. His teachers describe him as very good, active and independent student. The computer class, math and English are his favorite subjects. He loves to play soccer, card games and chess. He has a lot of potentials and wants to be adopted. He is highly recommended by his caregivers. The family with an involved, hands-on father will be ideal for this boy. He would do really well as the youngest or only child (or in a family where the other children are grown). He needs an experienced adoptive family who can give him a lot of one-on-one attention and help build his trust in humanity back.