Ronnie and Mary

Sibling Group
Ages: 13, 12
Country Code: EE-2
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
Cognitive Delay, Speech Disorder
Listed: Sep 2021
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The girl does not cause any educational problems either at school or in the orphanage. She is very diligent and obligatory.  She is happy, independent and caring girl who likes to help with younger children. She is willing to cooperate, she likes meetings with a psychologist and needs time to adapt to a new environment.

She rides a bike, roller-skates, swims, participates in sports and dance activities. Physical activity gives her joy. She has a great artistic talent, but does not believe in herself.  She likes to travel and is very curious about life and surroundings, constantly asking questions.


SN – Moderate intellectual disability, speech disorder

Mary is a very cheerful child. Despite speech disorders, she easily communicates with caregivers or peers. She likes to play with younger children. She carries them in a cart or leads them by the hand. She started learning to roller-skates, likes swimming in the pool, sports and dance activities. She goes to a special school. She doesn’t make any behavior problems. She doesn’t read books on her own, but she likes to see the pictures.

The sisters wish to be adopted together and hope to find a forever family!


Picture of Ronnie coming soon!