Mimi and Micky

Sibling Group
Ages: 9, 14
Country Code: E-11
Region: Europe
Primary Diagnosis: Older Child
Listed: Feb 2024
**** I am eligible for a $500 Older Child Grant ****
Grant funds depend on available funding; the link above, shows the current available amount. To inquire about this child, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org ***
Have you considered adopting siblings?!

Meet Mimi & Micky! They are a delightful duo. Mimi, July 2009, our shining star who reminds us that a little shyness only adds to the charm! She is reported to be clinically healthy.

Her shy sparkle quickly turns to a dazzling ray in the comfort of good company. She’s the heart of our group, spreading joy and giggles with a sense of humor that’s as infectious as her enthusiasm. She has a heart of gold. Her warmth extends to the young ones she cherishes. She’s a caring older sister, always ready to wrap them in a hug or share a playful story.

Ever the social butterfly, she forms deep connections that last, crafting a tapestry of friendships wherever life takes her. It’s no surprise that in every circle, she’s that missing puzzle piece you didn’t know you needed until she arrived.

Meet her younger brother Micky, March, 2014 – a beacon of joy, with a smile just waiting to light up your life! This handsome young man might seem a tad shy at first, but give him a moment, and his true colors shine through, painting laughter and happiness wherever he goes.

Micky thrives in the company of peers, his imagination a treasure trove of fun and games. His spirit of camaraderie embodies a priceless joy that only a loving family can multiply. With football under his belt and his zest for cycling and digital adventures, Micky’s the perfect companion for active days and cozy family nights.