Kasey #

Boy, Age: 15
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
moderate mental delay; hyperactive behavior; had a traumatic brain injury following an accident.
Listed: Jun 2017
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Kasey demonstrates adequate behavior. He respects adults’ authority. He has developed his self-service skills. He keeps a good level of personal hygiene. He strives to keep his clothes and shoes clean and in a good shape.

Kasey goes to an auxiliary school and is currently in fourth grade.

According to the individual characteristics, dated Nov. 2016 it is reported that at the end of the school year Kasey started reading short words and that he copes well with writing, reading, counting up to 100 and solving math problems involving borrowing and passing. He also started showing more interest in educational activities. He is now feeling more secure in his ability to complete the assigned task. He seeks help from adults when needed.

His class teacher reports that Kasey adaptation to his school environment is excellent and that he interacts with his classmates and other children from his school.

Kasey likes playing with toys, as well as playing with his friends (tag, hide and seek).

Kasey social worker reported that he knows what adoption is and that he shares a positive attitude towards being adopted.