Boy, Age: 5
Country Code: EE-2
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: May 2021
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Update from December 2020

The boy is active in motor development. He crawls for toys, climbs obstacles, stands up on its own and walks by furniture.  He manipulates the toys by tapping one against the other or on the floor, examining them in their hands, shaking them. He moves elements of manipulation boards, notices small details of toys, can press buttons of playing toys. He takes out and puts the blocks in the box. He is interested in the surroundings, explores the available space and actively participates in the proposed games.

Speech development is delayed but progressing. Kalvin reacts to his name, babbles, and responds with vocalizations to the speech addressed to him.

He is an active and social boy. He loves cuddling, tickling and early childhood games. He takes an active part in them, is able to focus on the activity that interests him and shares the field of common attention.  He falls asleep on his own and can sleep well through the night.

Compared to the population of children with Down syndrome, Kalvin functions very well. His development is constantly and dynamically progressing, and his active behavior and interest in the environment allow for a positive prognosis of further development. Placing him with a loving family will help with further dynamic development and satisfy his curiosity about the world around him.