Boy, Age: 9
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: ADHD
Listed: May 2022
has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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Jordi has a creative imagination and likes to draw! He also enjoys Legos, assembling jigsaw puzzles, watching cartoons, and outdoor activities including rollerblading and riding his bicycle!  Those who know Jordi describe him as thoughtful and kindhearted.

Jordi has a close bond with his foster family. His foster mother helps with his homework and reads picture books with him. His foster father takes him outside to play and reads bedtime stories to help him fall asleep at night. Jordi also enjoys playing with his younger foster brother.

Jordi has an ADHD diagnosis and taking medication. At home, his foster mother works with him to improve his concentration and patience. She noted he has made gradual improvements with his emotional growth and becoming more patient.  Jordi is in the 2nd grade, and his academic performance continues to develop with time.

Jordi is waiting for a family that will take him on outdoor adventures!