Jolene #

Girl, Age: 14
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
Listed: Feb 2024
Diagnosis: Delays in all aspects of development
Lina has lived with a foster family since 2014. She is very attached to them.
Her fine motor skills are delayed. She has difficulty with writing, cutting and grasping objects. She speaks using single words and short phrases. She mispronounces sounds. She has difficulty making choices and decisions and relies on her foster parents for assistance with tasks. She has difficulty with social boundaries and often tries to hug strangers. She shows interest in other children and observes them, but has difficulty with following instructions or following rules with interacting with other children. She requires assistance with dressing. She can feed herself, but has to be monitored to ensure she doesn’t overeat. She is eager to help with household tasks, but struggles to complete them independently. She assists with cleaning the table, sweeping, and similar tasks.